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  1. What are the prayer requirements?
    • Saying God is the greatest
    • Reciting fateha
    • testifying only one god and muhammad is the messenger
  2. What are the things that invalidate prayers?
    • No ablution
    • Talking to another person
    • laughing or crying
    • eating/drinking
    • standing in wrong direction of kaaba
    • Adding or subtracting number of rekaa
  3. What are prayer conditions?
    • Clothes cover whole body
    • Clothes should not have been usurped
    • clothes should not have been made of animal skin
    • men should not wear silk or gold threads
  4. What are the obligatory prayers?
    Daily prayers
  5. What are the reasons that make some people commit suicide?
    • Depressed
    • despaired
    • psychotic
    • given wrong instructions
    • Impulsive
    • Cries unheard
  6. Religious motivation is the only reason for committing suicide bombing. T/f
  7. In which country do we witness the greatest number of suicide bombing
    sri lanka
  8. All suicide bombers are uneducated. t/f
  9. what was muhammad's role as a prophet, besides seal of prophets?
  10. who revealed quaran to muahammad?
  11. What was the durations of Muhammad's prophecy?
    23 years.
  12. How many chapters were revealed to Muahammad?
  13. Quaran was written down after muahmmad's time. t/f
    false. written during his life and collected after.
  14. is Quran bigger or smaller than new testmenent?
  15. What is Muhammad known as?
    prophet who performed every aspect of quran
  16. what do muslims think of torah bible and quran
    books of god
  17. what do muslims call jews and christians
    people of the book
  18. is islam a new religion
    no continuation of christianity and judaism
  19. will there be any other book of god after quran
  20. muhammad is said to be descendent of whom?
    ismael son of abraham
  21. according to muslims, who build the original kaaba?
  22. Did Abraham and ismael build the kaaba?
    no they rebuilt it.
  23. what are the five pillars of islam?
    • Shahada
    • prayer
    • zakat
    • fasting
    • pilgremege to mecca
  24. what do they do with zakat/purification?
    They spend it on the people who need it
  25. In what month was quaran revealed to muhammad?
  26. can you eat or drink during the day in ramadan?
  27. Which one is bigger umreh hag or tamato haj?
    tamato performed in a certain month of the year
  28. is it possible to say daily prayers in one's individual language
    no. arabic.
  29. What did the agnel say to muhammad when he/she appeared in the cave
  30. what happened by the time muhammad was about 6?
    his mother died. his father died when his mother was pregnant.
  31. in the video clip, the chiefs of clans had problems placing the sacred stone in kaaba. what was muhammad's solution?
    placed stones on blanked and the four chiefs carried it
  32. what did people call muahammd?
    AMIN/honest, reliable, faithful
  33. what did god ask angels to do when he created adam and eve
    he commanded them to bow but satan refused and kicked him out of heaven
  34. what are characteristics of quran according to text book
    rhyming prose, musicality , renosance.
  35. what are the people of the book
    jews christians muslims
  36. what are the five divine books
    suhuf, bible, torah, quran, psalms
  37. muslims believe that the quran is the oldest and the youngest of all. what does that mean?
    it was revealed after torah and bible so it was new, but encompassed all
  38. if someone is bedridden, is it an excuse not to pray
    no. they can pray laying down if he can.
  39. what are the preparations for prayers
    not on usurped land, no blood on clothes, no clothes bought through money laundering, seeling drugs, etc.
  40. what is ablution?
    cleansing the body before performing prayers
  41. how many times does a muslim pay zakat
    once a year
  42. how much is the zakat
    2.5 percent
  43. what are the days that muslims cannot fast
    fetr festival (first day after ramadan is over) and azha festival (when sacrifices are made)
  44. is it obligatory for all muslims to go on pilgremege to mecca
    no. only who can afford it.
  45. what are the preparations before one departs to mecca?
    pure money. no borrowing.
  46. what is ummah?
    members of the worldwide muslim community called ummah
  47. the primary identity of the muslm is as muslim, rather than as a member of a tribe, ethnicity, or gender. t/f
  48. what are the cases the author of the book mentions as evidence of muslim concern?
    • afghan struggle against soviet occupation
    • ethnic cleansing of bosnian muslims
    • albanian muslims
    • ongoing plight of palestinians
  49. what is the declaration of faith?
  50. association of anything with God is idolatry and the one unforgiveable sin. t/f
  51. according to muslims beliefs, what was muhammad's status
    seal of prophets
  52. on their way to mecca, what do muslims chant?
    God is most great
  53. in what case is zakat used?
    support poor, free slaves, support workers in the cause of god.
  54. what happend on the 27th of ramada and what was it called?
    the night of power. when quran was revealed to muhammad.
  55. what does zamzam mean?
    bubbling. well in mecca. imam of the mosque said it means enough enough
  56. how many verses are there in quran, chapter on maryam "virgin mary"
    about 100
  57. Only arabs are muslims. t/f
  58. What are the borders of the islamic territory today?
    From africa to india
  59. What is the status of islam as for the population in the USA
    8 to 9 million
  60. According to the book, did muslims immigarte to US the same time as columbus?
  61. What did some palestinians do after their land was occupied in 1948?
    immigrated to other countries.
  62. IN what decade was the nation of islam founded in USA
  63. who led the nation of islam to the mainstream islam?
    deen warth muhammd
  64. What was the title of the speech of Malcom X
    Ballot or bullet
  65. What was the impact of 9/11 catastrophe on the people of US concerning muslim populations
    blamed on islam
  66. what did the iranian islamic revolution bring to usa
  67. what is the major concern of muslims who live in the us
    some americans think that all muslims are terrorists.
  68. Eating pork is allowed in islam if pics are slaughtered in islamic way. t/f
  69. Muslims can sell pork to non mulsims. t/f
  70. what was the main result of the expansion of islam
    it brought different nations under one umbrella
  71. what was the population of muslims in 7-8th centuries AD
    fifty to sixty million
  72. What was the domain of islamic nationality in the 7th and 8th centuries AD?
    From spain to India
  73. Muslim scholars totally rejected plato's and aristotle's philosphy t/f
  74. according to textbook muslim scholars invented paper. t/f
  75. Why was studying math important
    made calculating and collecting tax easy
  76. how long was avicenna's book used as a textbook in european universities
    til 17th century
  77. why did the art of architecture develop in the islamic world
    need of new mosques
  78. which city in europe was known as the center of translation
    cordoba spain
  79. in what century egypt became the center of scientific studies?
    8th century ad
  80. What was nilometer
    device to measure level of nile river
  81. What was on major reason why the science of map making developed?
    ma moon's greed to know about the boundaries of his empire
  82. what made the islamic scholars think of inventing the compass?
    to know direction of kaaba
  83. what methodology in research bacame dominant in the early islamic world?
    experimentation, verification, postivism.
  84. What was similar to DHL used today?
    carrier pigeons
  85. what is a caravanserias?
    Some kind of "days inn" in the early islamic nations
  86. what did mulims learn from chinese?
    make mortars
  87. who was jaber ibn hayan?
    master of alchemy
  88. who was the first islamic scholar who worked on the science of optics?
    ibn maytham
  89. In the video clip, a city introduced as the city of wealth. what was the name of that city?
  90. where did muslims get concepts of math from?
  91. where did hospitals get financial support?
    islamic communites and their zakat
  92. what are the four schools of though in sunni islam?
    hanafi, hanbali, maliki, shafii
  93. what is the population of sunni islams in the world?
    85 to 95 percent
  94. what percentage of muslims is shii
    10-15 percent
  95. is sufism a sect of islam
  96. what do sufis try to reach
    direct relation with god
  97. what forms the muslim belief?
    all muslims believe in god, quran, muhammad and five pillars of islam
  98. what era is considered the golden era of islam?
    the era of first four caliphs and teh umayyad and abbasid dynasties
  99. what do the islamic fundamentalists seek for?
    going back to earliest period and teachings of islam
  100. according to Islam, when Muslims are in their Ehram, they cannot
    fight unless being attacked.
  101. Muslims considered holy places as what?
  102. how come muhammad called his sermon "the farewell speech"
    muslims believed he knew of his departure day
  103. what did muhammad ask his people to do
    to transfer the message to following generations
  104. what were the tow issues that muhammad emphasized on in his last sermon?
    to respect life and property of muslims
  105. what did muhammad ask usurpers to do
    to return people's goods to them
  106. what did muhammad recommend muslims to do or not do
    he asked them not to hurt people lest they hurt them.
  107. how did muhammad see God's power?
    he said god sees everything you do
  108. what did muhammad say about satan
    beware of him
  109. what did muhammad ask mulsim to do about islam
    protect it.
  110. what did muhammad tell husbands
    you and your wives have rights over each other
  111. what did muhammad ask husbands to take as their responsibilites
    to prepare their wives food, clothes, and show them kindess and love
  112. according to the speech made by muhammad on his last sermon, what are wives to do?
    not to make friends without their husbands permission.
  113. in his last speech, muhammad emphasized on muslims obligation to say prayers five times a day. t/f
  114. in has last speech, muhammad said zakat becomes obligatory if somebody asks a muslim. T/f
    false. zakat is obligatory to those who have surpluses.
  115. what are the three reasons for the expansion of islam in the united states
    birth, immigration, conversion.
  116. what happened in 2005
    us recieved greatest number of immigrants.
  117. What was Abdulrahman Ibrahim Sori's position when he was brought as a slave to US
    African prince
  118. Muslims served in AMerican army. T/f
  119. Who was Hajj ALi and what was his job?
    he was a slave and his job was to breed camels in the US
  120. in the early 19th century, the majority of Muslim immigrants were from Yemen and Turkey. T/f
  121. Which American state has the biggest muslim population?
  122. Who founded nation of Islam NOT in 1930?
    Master Fard Muhammad
  123. Deen Muhammad was a shii. T/F
  124. The number of white Muslims in the US is more than the number of Black muslims. T/f
  125. American Muslims are mostly supporters of the Republican party. T/f
  126. What are the problems muslims are facing on fridays?
    Can't leave work for attending prayer
  127. What are the minarets in the mosques for?
    To call Muslims to prayers five times a day
  128. Why are islamic mosques mostly carpeted?
    Muslims have to take their shoes off.
  129. What is the significnace of domes in the islmaic mosque?
    It helps preacher voice echo.
  130. According to the book a mosque is a place for what three practices?
    Collecting zakat, saying prayers, and reciting the holy book
  131. Mosques are at the service of public and government activites. t/f
  132. What is kaaba?
    building in the middle of the grand mosque in mecca
  133. Is the curtain drawn on kaaba a regular type of drape?
    no. it was especially made for kaaba and is replaced every year.
  134. Kaaba is washed with the best rose water brought from Iran every year. T/f
  135. Before Islam, what were placed in Kaaba as exhibition. and how many?
    360 idols
  136. what are the issues discussed on friday congregational prayers?
    ethical issues and political issues of the day
  137. Quran, sunnah, analogical reasoning, and consensus are the four sources for determining and applying islamic laws. t/f
  138. what does quran say about abortion?
    no one has the right to kill a baby beause of poverty
  139. what is islamic decree about sterilization?
    not allowed
  140. what is dhimmi
    tax non muslims have to pay the islamic government to be protected
  141. who were mamluks?
    the slaves who were promoted to high statuses and some became commanders
  142. what cases are punished through what is called hudud?
    adultery, fornication, theft
  143. what is theocracy?
    the government with the leadership of the clergy
  144. What is the interpretations by some muslims on the term secularism?
    government that cannot tolerate religions.
  145. why has jerusalem been an issue for debate for a long time?
    because israelis have occupied the land and do not want to talk about the future.
  146. some muslims say that the issue of "consultation in Islam is in itself a kind of democracy." t/f
  147. what does islam say about the individual properties?
    individual properties must be respected and protected
  148. how does islam aim at eliminating poverty?
  149. why is usery forbidden in islam/
    because the profits are outcomes of no efforts or labors
  150. do islamic banks guarantee intereste on people's savings?
    hell nah
  151. What happens if a bank loses profits? who has to pay for that?
    those who have deposted their money as shares.
  152. how many rekaa a day should a muslim pray?
  153. what is the first sentence in a prayer
    In the name of God the compassionate and merciful
  154. What is the man who calls Muslims to prayers called?
  155. How many times a day can we hear Mo'azen calling for prayers?
  156. according to the video clip, what population of the world responds to Mo'azen call
    1/4 of the population of the world
  157. What does Alloho Akbar mean in arabic?
    God is most Great
  158. What contributions did muslims make?
    laid the seeds of Renaissance
  159. When was Muhammad born
  160. What were pre-islamic bedouins involved with
    constant wars
  161. Why did muhammad's mother send him to live with bedouins?
    So he can become familiar with arab values.
  162. what advantage did Muhammad enjoy when he became orphaned?
    child of every mother and the basis for the sense of love
  163. What made the Bedouins proud?
    Poetry and literature transformed orally
  164. What was the major cause for the clans fighting in the peninsula?
    Shortage of water.
  165. What does Kaaba mean in arabic?
  166. Where did the blackstone in Kaaba come from?
  167. Why was mecca a safe place even before islam?
    All weapons down here.
  168. What is Mecca famous for?
    • God's house
    • well of zamzam
    • center of mixed culture
  169. What was the name of Muhammad's first wife
  170. Muhammad proposed marriage to khadija. t/f
  171. What did people call muhammad? Besides seal of prophets?
    The trusted one
  172. Where was Muhammad when the first revelation came to him?
    In a cave above mecca
  173. what was the main idea muhammad always emphasized?
    there is only one god.
  174. Some Muslims believe that the reason why Islam expanded so fast was because Islamic ideology rejected racial, color, and tribal discrimination. T/f
  175. What was Quran's response to those who said Muhammad was a poet?
    Poets speak of desire. Quran is the words of God.
  176. Who are Muslims?
    those who surrender to God.
  177. Quran reveals a physical image of God. t/f
  178. What did the people of Mecca ask Muhammad's uncle to do?
    stop supporting him.
  179. What did the people of Yathrib do?
    they invited Muhammad to immigrate to medina.
  180. What was established in Medina?
    A state based faith.
  181. When did Muhammad emigrate to Yathrib?
    622 AD
  182. Why is the year Muhammad emigrated to Yathrib so important?
    the first year of the islamic calandar.
  183. Did Muhammad punish the people of Mecca who had fought against him for years?
    no he embraced them.
  184. What did Muhammad do when he entered Mecca after defeating them?
    He only destroyed the idols.
  185. When did Muhammad die?
    In 632, two years after re-entering the Mecca victoriously.
  186. One of the schools of thought is Agnosticism that states
    we do not have sufficient reason either to affirm or to deny God's existence.
  187. Islam gathered all scattered tribes and clans under on umbrella as a result of
    islam expanded its territory
  188. When Deen Muhammad's father died, he lad the nation of Islam to an Islamic Shii sect ideology. T/f
  189. All Sufis are Muslim. T/f
  190. Majority of Muslim scholars believe that...
    Suicide is unacceptable
  191. The lecturer, Imam Al-Ghazwini, said men and women are like
    flesh and bones in one's body
  192. Rafezi is not one of the islamic schools of thought in sunni islam. t/f
  193. Malcom x followed the mainstream Islam when he
    returned from Pilgrimage to Mecca
  194. According to the textbook, the issue of Jerusalem is important to Muslims because
    It was the prophet's destination in his night journey from Mecca.
  195. The Muslim population in 7th and 8th centuries was...
    about 50 to 60 million
  196. The Islamic centers cannot ask for services they give to people. t/f
  197. What did Imam Mahmood (in our visit to the Mosque) say about the Mosque's clinics?
    he said it is open to all.
  198. Some Islamic scholars argue that Islam has democracy in itself since--
    it has in its nature consultation as a source of making decisions.
  199. Islam did not allow the families of a slave to live with him when he was captured during a fight against muslims. t/f
  200. in our visit to the mosque how many rekka of prayers were performed?
  201. In our visit to the Mosque, we noticed that
    panelists were sitting with the backs to the niche
  202. one reason of Islamic expansion was US aggression. t/f
  203. Who was Alexander Russel Webb?
    Muslim who was nominated as a US ambassador to Philippines.
  204. one of the sources for determining and applying islamic law is Sunnah. t/f
  205. The largest Mosque in the US is in
    Dearborn Michigan.
  206. Sunni Muslims recognize 4 sources to guide the development of Islamic laws. the consist of:
    quran, sunnah, analogical reasoning, and consensus.
  207. Where was the location of the mosque we visited?
    mallory street
  208. In our visit to the mosque a student wanted to know why...
    polyandry is not allowed in Islam by polygeny is.
  209. how many major reasons is there in committing suicide?
  210. in 1977 louis farrakhan resurrected nation of islam and
    rejected deen muhammad's doctrines and islamic guidelines
  211. in the study of religions, there is a school of thought named panaentheism. it is a belief that God
    presumably exists, interpenetrates in every part of nature and timelessly extends beyond it.
  212. according to the contents of the powerpoint on suicide bombers, the real cause of sucide bombers is
    to revenge against the powerful enemy
  213. consumption of alcohol with result in the punishment of hudud. t/f
  214. where was the origin of islam
    arab peninsula
  215. what is the name of the country south west of arabia
    abyssinia or habashat
  216. when did arabs go to habashat and establish the state of azum
    1000 bc
  217. who established the presence of the arabian coast of the red sea in the late third century and during the fourth century
  218. before islam, jews also lived among bedouins in hejaz. t/f
  219. according to the text book, how was quran revealed to muhammad?
    directly from God
  220. Quran talks about the life and history of Muhammad. t/f
  221. how are the chapters in the quran arranged?
    longest ones come first, the shortest last. except for the first chapter.
  222. when was quran revealed to muhammad
    14 centuries ago
  223. one of the speakers in the clips says that idols played the role of what?
    intermediaries between people and God.
  224. Can we say God exists?
    no. since the word exist refers to something that has a beginning and end
  225. attar describes the life of a human being to a
  226. what does love mean to attar?
    Annihilation in Allah
  227. "A stone I died and rose again a plant; a plant I died and rose an animal; I died an animal and was born a man." what message is being conveyed by this poem of Rumi?
    Cycle of life.
  228. Who did Rumi meet as a result of which he completely changed in his ontology and epistermology?
    shams tabrizi, the famous gnostic.
  229. why does rumi begin his voluminous book by stating, "listen to the reed and the tale it tells" why not other instruments?
    reed symbolizes a person who sacrifices his life for the sake of his beloved, God.
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