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  1. Amendment 4
    no illegal search and seizure (blanket search warrants)
  2. Exclusionary Rule
    any evidence seized as the result of and illegal search, can be excluded, or left out at trial. (mapp vs. ohio)
  3. exceptions
    • 1. good faith
    • 2.honest mistake
    • 3.inevitable discovery
  4. amendment 5
    • criminal proceedings, due process, eminent domain. No double jeopardy- a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice.
    • 2. no self incrimination "pleading the 5th"
    • deny! deny! deny!
  5. eminent domain
    the government cans seize private property for public use, if the public need outweighs the privates need.
  6. amendment 6
    criminal proceedings. defendant has the right to: a speedy and public trial (100 days)
  7. Miranda vs. Arizona
    -suspects have the right to be informed of their constitutional rights.
  8. Escobedo vs. illnois
    -suspects have the right to speak to their attorney before questioning
  9. Gideon vs. wain wright
    Defendants have the right to an attorney, even if they can't afford one.
  10. amendment 7
    jury trials are guaranteed in civil cases involving more than 20.00
  11. amendment 8
    no cruel and unusual punishment no excessive bail or fines
  12. amendment 10
    • reserved powers of the states.
    • -powers not specifically granted to the federal government are reserved by the states
  13. amendment 12
    • presidential and vice presidential elections
    • -election of 1800 caused problems
  14. amendment 13
    • abolishment of slavery and involuntary servitude.
    • -military draft
    • -jury duty
    • -prison work gangs
  15. amendment 14
    • due process clause of the 5th amendment applies to states
    • -equal protection clause all citizens are guaranteed equal protection of the law
  16. amendment 15
    the right to vote cannot be denied on the basis of race, color or previous condition of servitude.
  17. amendment 16
    • federal income tax
    • -largest source of revenue for the federal govt.
  18. amendment 17
    direct election of us senators
  19. amendment 18
    prohibition of intoxicating liquor(women got beat)
  20. amendment 19
    women's suffrage- right to vote
  21. amendment 20
    presidential terms begin on Jan. 20 of odd numbered years
  22. amendment 22
    president terms- present can serve two terms
  23. amendment 23
    • presidential elections for D.C
    • -got the same as the least populous state (3)
  24. amendment 25
    • presidential succession and disability
    • -president
    • -v.p
    • -speaker of the house
    • -president pro-tempore of the senate
    • -cabinet secretaries
  25. amendment 26
    • 18 years old vote
    • -Vietnam war led to its passage
  26. amendment 27
    congressional pay raises do not take effect until after the next house election
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