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  1. get carried away
    became really inpired by
  2. make sb redundant
    lost job
  3. babbling
  4. mixed bag
    different interest
  5. taken aback
    • amazed
    • surprised
  6. dejected
  7. get on well with sb
    get along well
  8. vast expand
    huge area of land
  9. venture into a place
    go somewhere dangeros
  10. host of
  11. head
    go in certain direction
  12. get together
  13. scrub
    short vegitation (bushes)
  14. scuttle off
    run away quickly
  15. underpin
    support, be the base of
  16. stroll
    walk in a relaxed way
  17. set out
    display, arrange, put in order
  18. chuck up
    to trow sth back
  19. attire
  20. compulsary
  21. break out
    start suddenly
  22. mature
    behave like fully grown-up
  23. stick with
    stay close to
  24. mingle
  25. thoughtful
    planning things carefully in advance
  26. inquisitive
    wanting to learn more
  27. assemble
    put together
  28. scan
    read quickly
  29. leap in sth
    start doing sth without thinking too much
  30. get stuk
    be unable to continue
  31. rough
    not detailed
  32. accurate
    exact, correspond to the truth
  33. conscience
  34. conscientious
    to be sure to do everything
  35. facilitative
    finding the easiest way to do sth
  36. tough
    to be strong, difficult
  37. insightful
    to be perceptive
  38. insight
    clear understanding
  39. imply
    say sth indirectly
  40. tedious
  41. recruitment
    finding sb to hire
  42. traits
  43. mushroom
    develop fast
  44. premises
    • site
    • place
  45. appeal
  46. premise
    the concept
  47. compulsive
    • addictive
    • get hooked on
    • be over excited about
  48. mundane
    earthly, normal
  49. frivolous
    not serious
  50. diligently
  51. account for sth
  52. prone to
    • predisposed to
    • susceptible to
    • be likely to do/suffer from sth
  53. disabuse
  54. abuse
    to use sth/sb in a bad way
  55. gaze
    look continuously
  56. blazing row
    heated argument
  57. sensible
    logical and practical
  58. sympathetic
    to understand other people's
  59. look like
  60. laid-back
    easy going
  61. attitude
    way of thinking
  62. alter
  63. shower sb with
    give a lot of sth
  64. vague
    • indecisive
    • cautious
  65. earn
    make a living
  66. bitterly disappointed
    много разочарован
  67. get away with
    do sth bad and not be caught
  68. conceive
    form an idea
  69. ancestors
    people before us
  70. endure
    • continue despite the difficulties
    • put up with
  71. entail
    • contain
    • include
  72. came t terms
    get used to
  73. ordeal
    difficult undertaking
  74. cast a light on
    light at the end of the tunel
  75. enrol
  76. cut off
  77. ostracize
    isolated from society
  78. meticulos
    too careful,too strict
  79. take pot luck
    risk the outcome
  80. buffalo
    type of male cattle
  81. carnivore
    eats meat
  82. herbivore
    eats plants
  83. omnivorous
    eats everything
  84. lay a bet
  85. inevitable
    it can not to be avoided
  86. breakthrough
    a complete new idea
  87. holidaymakers
  88. underway
    under construction/ development
  89. aspire
    crave, want badly
  90. tycoon
    sccessful businessman
  91. prohibitive
    too high, exorbitant
  92. open-plan office
    big room with no walls
  93. flourish
  94. cramped
  95. replica
    exact copy
  96. exaggerate
    make things seem better
  97. enquire
  98. incite
    to provoke a feeling
  99. grounds
  100. groom
  101. fierce
    violent, cruel
  102. stalk
    follow sb under cover
  103. prey
  104. pray
    kind of worship
  105. hurtle
    move extremely quickly
  106. burly
  107. a stone's throw
    very close
  108. agitated
    very excited
  109. maelstrom
  110. charge sb
  111. swerve
    to move in an agile way
  112. intent on doing sth
    determined to do sth
  113. in anticipation of
    expect sth
  114. grab
    take sth swiftly
  115. benevolent
    altruistic and kind
  116. slaughter
    kill sb in a violent way
  117. distraught
    confused and embarrassed
  118. maul
    rip part of the body
  119. dog's dinner
    real mess
  120. rabbit on about sth
    be like a chatterbox
  121. eat like a horse
    eat a lot
  122. hen party
    bride's party before the wedding
  123. stag party
    groom's party
  124. ferocious
    fierce, violent
  125. blizzard
    snow storm
  126. sturdy
    strong, solid
  127. trunk
    body part of a living creature
  128. elongate
  129. envolve in sth
  130. graze on sth
    feed on
  131. wipe out

    • finish sb off
    • destroy
  132. propensity for
  133. ecl
    water snake
  134. tumble
    moving, swerving
  135. solitary
    like loliness
  136. cubs
    baby of the otter, lion, bear
  137. fend for sb
    look after sb
  138. scent
    odour, aroma
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