Geometry Definitions

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  1. Angle
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  2. Triangle
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  3. Congruent
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  4. Vertex
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  5. Hypotenuse
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  6. ANGLE
    Two rays that share an end point
  7. Traingle
    Three line segment that come together with interior angles that equal 180 degrees
  8. Congruent
    Same or in proportion to
  9. Vertex
    The end point shared by two rays that is the corner of an angle
  10. Hypotenuse
    The longest side of a right trangle and the side opposite of the right angle
  11. Point
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  12. Point
    Exact location, ordered pair, node
  13. Dot
    A dot has a size, a definite, measurable lenght and width
  14. Exact location
    normal, zero-dimensional point. No matter how much you zoom in, there will always be another point between two others.
  15. Ordered pair
    An ordered pair is place that two points share on a coordinate plane grind.
  16. Ordered Pairs
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  17. Line
    One-dimensional figure. Line has only one dimensiona, lenght.
  18. Co-linear
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    Points on the same line.
  19. Rays
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    A ray is a line with only one endpoint.
  20. Angle names
    It can be name with the name if the Vertex in the center. R(angle) S(vertex) T(angle)
  21. Zero Angel
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    0 degree and is just a single ray
  22. Acute Angle
    Angle which measures between 0 degrees and 90 degrees
  23. Acute
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  24. Right Angle
    measures EXACTLY 90 degress
  25. Right
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  26. Obtuse
    Angle which measures between 90 degress and 180 degress
  27. Obtuse
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  28. Straight
    Measures exactly 180 degrees and its a straight line.
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