Sociology Exam 3

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  1. This is defined as the formal system of teaching knowledge, values, and skills...?
  2. This person was responsible for promoting common schools paid for by taxes in 1837
    Horace Mann
  3. This is learning a culture to gain knowledge?
  4. The sociological principle that schools correspond to or reflect thee social structure of their society?
    Correspondence Principle
  5. The sorting of students into different educational programs on the basis of real or perceived abilities?
  6. The use of degrees to determine who is eligible for jobs evn though the degree may be irrelevant to the work?
    Credential Society
  7. The process by which education opens and closes doors of opportunity?
  8. A conflict theorist would agree with this statement about education?
    Schools in lower class areas function primarily as institutions for social control and conformity rather than achievement and innocation
  9. This is a latent function of schooling?
    providing child care
  10. We find that among higher income families, a ___ share of children go to college, vs lower income families
  11. The problem of functional illiteracy refers to the fact that?
    Young people leave school without having learned basic skills
  12. Ray Rist study of African children concluded that the underlying basis for assigning children to different worktables was based on?
    Social Class
  13. Who were two Americans who proposed universal schooling as a means to create uniform national culture
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Noah Webster
  14. How are public schools primarily Funded?
    Local Property taxes
  15. Determining which people will eneter what occupation is a function of education referred to as...?
  16. This is the concept that some jobs require few skills and can be performed by people of less intelligence?
    Social Placement
  17. The process by which schools pass a society's core values from one generation to the next?
    Cultural transmission of values
  18. Establishing wheelchair programs in sports competition within the education system is an example of...
  19. A sociologist who studied face to face interactions in the classroom between teachers and students would be emphasizing which sociological perspective?
    Symbolic interactionism
  20. Despite reading and writing difficulty you have been promoted to the next grade. This is an example of....
    social promotion
  21. Using exceptionally simple question on an exam and dummying down grading scales so everyone passes are examples of....
  22. Demography is defined as the study of
    Human population
  23. Which global region has both the worlds highest birth rate and the worlds highest infant mortality rate?
  24. What relationship between average level of income and population increase for countries around  the world?
    The lower the average income the higher the rate of population increase
  25. The basic idea behind the Demographic Transition Theory is that?
    Population patterns reflect a society's level of technological development
  26. the incidence of a childbearing in a nations population
  27. In low income countries most population increase is due to...
    high fertility and falling death rates
  28. In the US the fertility rate is lower, avg, abv. avg?
    lower than average
  29. This sis the study of the interaction of living organisms and the natural environment.
  30. The maximum number of children a women can have during her life time is known as.
  31. _____ is the # of live births in a given year for every 1000 people in population
    crude birth rate
  32. Thomas Robert Malthus believed that...
    population increase would outstrip food production and result in global starvation
  33. This refers to  out migration from some territory into another...
  34. Movement of a population into a territory from some where else is called
  35. Which country faces significant gender ration imbalances as a result of sex selective abortions
  36. A human condition measured by four components; physical, mental, social, and spiritual is known as
  37. The sick role:
    Elements of Sick role
    Ambiguity of Sick Role
    Gatekeepers of Sick role
    • Elements: People given appropriate help given sympathy
    • Ambiguity:Sick on test day vs Bday
    • GateKeepers: Kids approved by parents.
  38. This functionalist first analyzed the sick role, pointing out 4 elements.
    Talcott Parsons
  39. This is the study of how medical problems are distributed throughout a population
  40. There are 5 professionalization of medicine listing the development of medicine into a specialty that requires physicians to....? List 4 of 5
    • 1-Rigours Education
    • 2-Regulate themselves
    • 3-Control Clients
    • 4-Claim to know illness(theoretical ofcourse)
    • 5-Present as a service to society
  41. These leading causes of death today were 4th and 8th back in 1900
    • Heart disease
    • Cancer
  42. This perspective of medicine examines how culture influences health and illness. So defining health by the way something physically alters our appearance. Or Mental Illness making someone a SHAMEN
    Symbolic Interactionist
  43. This perspective says that for a society to function well its people need to be healthy, therefore we must establish rules as to what that all means. The Sick Role
    The functionalist Perspective
  44. This perspective says that healthcare is the scarce resource that seperates the haves from havenots. Think of the monopoly of HC today and who runs it Hint: THe AMA
    The Conflict perspective
  45. This is the transformation of a human condition into a medical matter to be treated by physicians
  46. An environment that is harmful to health
    Disabling Environment
  47. This person proposed a theory of a social change that is based largely on technology
    William Ogburn
  48. A specialty within sociology whose focus is how humans affect the environment and how the environment affects humans
    Environmental sociology
  49. Actions taken to sabotage the efforts of people who are thought to be legally harming the environment
  50. This deals with the poor and minorities groups suffering from pollution effects because industries put their factories in poor cheap neighborhoods.
    Environmental injustice
  51. World system that takes into account the limits of the environment, produces enough material for everyones needs and leaves a heritage of a sound environment for the next generation
    suitable environment
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