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  1. 5 job roles categorized as a PC tech?
    PC support tech, PC service tech, Technical retail assoc., Bench tech, Help desk tech
  2. Of the 5 PC jobs, which 1 might never include interacting w/PC’s primary user?
    Bench tech
  3. 10 traits distinguishing competent & helpful techs from incompetent/unhelpful techs in  eyes of customers:
    • competent/helpful traits-
    • 1. positive & helpful attitude 2. listen w/o interrupting customer 3. proper & polite language 4. sensitivity to cultural diff
    • 5. take ownership of problem
    • 6. being dependable & reliable 7. crediblity 8. integrity & honesty 9.know the laws w/ respect to your work 10.looking & behaving professionally
    • incompetent / unhelpful traits-
    • 1. negative/unhelpful attitude 2. talking down/patronizing the customer 3.interrupting the customer; use slang/jargon/ acronyms cusomer won't understand;
    • 4. being impatient & insensitive to cultural diff 5. not taking ownership of the problem 6. not being dependable / reliable 7. appearing confused, afraid/ befuddled to the customer
    • 8. hide mistakes/lie to the customers 9.use & install pirated software 10. use foul language & poor hygiene
  4. You receive a phone call requesting on-site support. They’ve given you their name & contact info, & you’ve verified user is entitled to support. What next?
    • Find out problem, urgency of situation, & what computer/software/hardware needs servicing (make sure & get type/manufac./model of product needing service),
    • set an appt, show up on time. Arrive w/complete set of equipmt approp to visit,(might include a rool kit, flashlight, multimeter, grounding strap & mat, &
    • bootable CDs & DVDs.
  5. You make an appt. to do on-site repair, but you are detained & find out you will be l8. What's the best thing to do?
    Call customer, apololgize for any inconvenience this may have caused, let customer know what happened, & re-schedule your appt.
  6. When making an on-site service call, what should you do before making any Δs to software/before taking case cover off a computer?
    Ask customer, "Does the system hold important data that is not backed up?" If the customer ans w/no, proceed; if the customer answers w/yes, then back up data.
  7. How important is your greeting(for on-site service call)? What would be a good greeting to start off good business relationship?
    Extremely important, customer expects tech to have both technical & interpersonal skills. After arriving on time, greet customer in  friendly manner & shake his/her hand, while addressing them as Mr./Mrs.
  8. What should you do after finishing your PC repair?
    • 1. If any changes were made after booting it, reboot 1 more time to verify you haven't made a problem w/the boot.
    • 2. Allow customer time to verify everything is working properly
    • 3. If data backup was made & then restored from backups, have customer verify data has been fully restored.
    • 4. Review service call: summarize instructions & explanations during call; fill out paperwork & explain to customer what has been written, then ask if customr has questions
    • 5. Explain preventative maint to customer & offer to followup w/customer to verify everything is still working & they're satisfied w/the work
  9. List the textbook’s suggestions for dealing w/customer complaints:
    • 1. Be active listener, don't ignore customer, don't take complaints/anger personally
    • 2. Let customer vent, ask questions, take notes, & solve problems
    • 3. Don't be defensive, be willing to admit mistakes
    • 4. Know how to handle (according to employer's guidelines) verbl abuse
    • 5. If complaint relates to somebody else's product/company, don't dimiss with, "That's not my problem," instead listen & show you care.
    • 6. If complaint relates to you/your companies product, identify underlyng problem, ask questions & take notes, then pass on to peope in org. who need to know
    • 7. Summarize what you've both agreed on/ observed so far in the conversation.
    • 8. Point out ways you think communc'n could be improved
  10. If you are about to make an on-site service call to a large financial organization, is it approp to show up in shorts & a T-shirt? Why/ why not?
    It's not approp, professionalism is what they expect out of their employees, so you would dress according to their environment.
  11. You have exhausted your knowledge of a problem & it still is not solved. What should you do?
    Escalate the call properly so problem is assigned to those higher in the support chain, who is more experienced /has more extensive resources.
  12. If you need to make a phone call while on a customer’s site & your cell phone isn't working, what do you do?
    Ask politely for permission to use their phone.
  13. When someone calls your help desk, what is the 1st thing you should do?
    Identify yourself & your organizat'n.
  14. Tips should you follow when working over the phone w/customer who isn’t knowledgeable about using computers?
    • 1. Be specific about instruct'ns
    • 2. don't ask customer to do anything that might destroy settings/files w/o 1st having customer back them up carefully
    • 3. Frequently ask customer what's displayed on screen (to help track keytrokes & action) 4. Follow along @your own PC
    • 5. give customer plenty opportunity to ask questions
    • 6. compliment customer whenever you can
    • 7. Apon determining customer can't help solve problem w/o lot of coaching, tactfully request customer to have someone more experienced to talk to/have that person call back.
  15. When applying for position as help desk tech, you discover the job interview will happen by telephone. Why do you think the employer has chosen this method for the interview?
    To verify if you have positive & pleasant interpersonal skills, test your technical knowledge out, & whether you are able to effectively communic8 by giving clear ans.
  16. Primary importance of chain of custody document?
    This proves you handled this crucial evidence properly & no tampering w/evidence was done.
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