Art History 6a Terms

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  1. Podium
    -A small and raised platform
  2. Verism
    - late Republic Period

    Artistic preference of contemporary everyday subject matter
  3. Pompeian Painting Styles
    -1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th style

    -Characteristic of wall paintings during this era
  4. Illusionism
    -The representation of the 3d world on a 2d surface

    Creates the illusion that the thing is actually 3d
  5. Sacral-idyllic
    -A landscape that shows an ideal countryside
  6. Mosaic
    -Patterns or pictures made by embedding small pieces (tesserae) of stone or glass in cement on surfaces such as walls and floors
  7. Engaged Column

    Free Standing Columns
    -A half-round column attached to a wall

    -Column that is not attached to anything else
  8. Tufa


    -A type of soft, porous limestone

    -Form of limestone deposited by mineral springs

    -A non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals
  9. Roman Concrete (opus caementicium)
    -Roman concrete was based on a hydraulic-setting cement with many material qualities similar to modern Portland cement
  10. Pozzolona
    -A type of volcanic ash used for mortar or for cement which sets under water
  11. Incrustation/Veneer
    -Wall decoration consisting of bright panels of different colors

    thin leaf of wood applied with glue to a panel or frame of solid wood
  12. Barrel Vault

    Groin Vault
    -A simple continuous vault, typically semicircular and hollow in cross section

    -Formed at point at which two barrel vaults intersect at right angles
  13. Atrium
    -Central reception room of a Roman house that is open to the sky

    -Also, the open colonnaded court in front of and attached to a Christian basilica
  14. Peristyle
    -A row of columns surrounding a space within a building such as a court or internal garden or edging a veranda or porch.
  15. Insula
    Roman, multi-story apartment house, usually made of brick-faced concrete
  16. Peplos
    -A simple, long belted garment of wool worn by women in ancient Greece
  17. Pan-Athenaic Ceremony
    • -The procession to the Parthenon was more important than the games themselves
    • -Women wore peplos
    • -Large sacrifice made to Athena
    • -Theme of Parthenon frieze
  18. Votive
    -A gift of gratitude to a deity (Parthenon ceremony)
  19. In-antis
    -The area between the antae (molded, projecting ends of a wall)
  20. Prostyle
    -A classical temple plan in which columns are only in front of the cella and not on the sides or back
  21. Peripteral
    -Single row of columns on all sides
  22. Dipteral
    -Double row of columns all around
  23. Pseudo-dipteral
    • -A temple with the inner range of columns surrounding the cella omitted so that space between cella wall and columns is very great
  24. Cella (naos)
    -The chamber at the center of an ancient temple
  25. Doric


    -Columns without bases and funnel-shaped tops

    Columns with bases and with capitals
  26. Decumanus

    -The east-west street in a Roman town, intersecting the cardo at right angles

    The north-south street in a Roman town, intersecting the decumanus at right angles
  27. Castrum
    -A Roman military encampment
  28. Orchestra


    -In Greek theatres, circular piece of Earth with a hard and level surface on which a performance took place

    A room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatres

    -The stage of a classical theatre

  29. Theatron

    -Slope overlooking the orchestra on which spectators sat

    -Roman, continuous elliptical cavea around a central arena
  30. Basilica
    -A public building for legal and other civic proceedings, with the entrance usually on the long side

    -Can be a Church
  31. Thermae
    -Roman large, imperial bath complexes
  32. Vitruvius
    -A Roman author, architect, and engineer during the 1st century BC perhaps best known for his multi-volume work entitled De Architectura.
  33. Frigidarium


    -The cold-bath section

    -The hot-bath section

    -In a bathing complex, A roman exercise area
  34. Oculus
    -The round, central opening of a dome
  35. Coffer
    A sunken panel in a vault or ceiling
  36. Arcuated architecture
    Arch-Shaped architecture
  37. "gable of glorification"
    -An arch that was made by Romans in order to commemorate a great real-life happening that involved their emperor's

  38. the Tetrarchs/Tetrarchy
    -A type of Roman government established in the late 3rd century by Diocleitan in an attempt to foster order by sharing power with potential rivals
  39. Choir
    The space reserved for the clergy and singers in a church
  40. Ambulatory
    A covered walkway, especially the passageway around the apse and the choir of a church
  41. Nave and Aisle
    -The central area of an ancient Roman basilica or Church

    -The portion of a basilica flanking from the nave and separated by rows or piers
  42. Transept
    -The part of the church with an axis that crosses the nave at a right angle
  43. Narthex
    -A porch of a church, generally colonnaded or arcaded
  44. Pendentive
    -The dome atop a dome/cross vault-like thing

    This architectural element is used extensively in the Hagia Sophia of turkey.
  45. Central Plan

    Longitudinal Plan
    Central plan is often designed around a base shape (a circle, an octagon, etc).

    -Longitudinal plan is based off of Roman Basilicas, and is usually symmetrical down the Nave
  46. Double-nucleus plan
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