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  1. Accelerometer
    type of gyroscope used in mobile devices to sense the physical position of the device
  2. Airplane mode
    setting avail on many mobile phones, smartphones & other electronic devices that, when activated, suspends many of the device's signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the device's capacity to place/receive calls /use text msging – while still permitting use of other functions that don't require signal transmission (e.g., games, built-in camera, MP3 player). It disables all 3 antennas.
  3. Android
    OS used on mobile devices based on Linux OS & supported by Google
  4. Apple ID
    user account that uses a valid email address and password and is associated with a credit card number that allows you to download iOS updates and patches, apps, and multimedia content.
  5. App store
    app on an apple device that can be used to download content from the itunes store web
  6. Application virtualization
    using this virtualization, a virtual environment is created in memory for an application to virtually install itself.
  7. Application Virtualization (App-V)
    software by microsoft used for application virtualization
  8. Bluetooth PIN code
    code that may be required to complete the bluetooth connection in a pairing process
  9. Capacitive touch screen
    touch screen that uses electrodes that sense the conductive properties of skin
  10. Client-side desktop virtualization
    using this virtualization, software installed on a desktop or laptop manages virtual machines used by the local user.
  11. Client-side virtualization
    using this virtualizations, a personal computer provides multiple virtual environments for application
  12. Cloud computing
    service where server-side virtualization is delegated to a third party service, and the internet is used to connect server and client machines
  13. Dock
    area @ bottom of the android screen where up to 4 apps can be pinned.
  14. Fat client
    is a computer (client) in client–server architecture or networks that typically provides rich functionality independent of the central server. Originally known as just a "client" or "thick client"[1] the name is contrasted to thin client, which describes a computer heavily dependent on a server's applications.
  15. Dumb terminal
    zero client, a client computer that does not have an OS and merely provides an interface between the user and the server.  A terminal that depends on the host computer for its processing power is called a dumb terminal or thin client
  16. Geotracking
    a moblie device routinely reports its postion to apple or google at least twice a day, which makes it possible for these companies to track your devices whereabouts.
  17. Gmail
    an email service provided by google at
  18. Google Play
    the official source for apps also called the android marketplace
  19. Google account
    a user account, which is a valid email address, that is registered on the google play web site ( and is used to download content to an android device.
  20. GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver
    - a receiver that uses the system of 24 or more satellites orbiting earth. the receiver locates four or more of these satellites, and from these four locations calculates its own position in a process called trangulation.
  21. Gyroscope
    device that contains a disc that is free to move and can respond to gravity as the device is moved.
  22. Handheld tablet
    computing device with a touch screen that is larger than a smartphone and has functions similar to a smarphone.
  23. Hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV)
    feature of a processor whereby it can provide enhanced support for hypervisor software to run virtual machines on a system.  The feature must be enabled in BIOS system.
  24. HTC Sense
    a comprehensive user interface that incorporates the older TouchFLO technology used by mobile devices.
  25. Hypervisor
    virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a piece of computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines.
  26. iCloud
    a web site by apple ( used to sync content on apple devices in order to provide a backup of the content
  27. infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    a cloud computing service that provides only the hardware, which can include servers, network attached storage (NAS) devices, and networks.
  28. iOS
    the OS owned and developed by apple and used for their various mobile devices.
  29. iPad
    a handheld tablet developed by apple
  30. iPhone
    smartphone developed by apple
  31. iPod touch
    a multimedia recorder and player developed by apple
  32. iTune Store
    apple website at where apps, music, tv shows, movies, books, podcasts, and itunes U content can be purchased and downloaded to apple mobile devices.
  33. ITunes U
    content at the itunes store website that contains lectures and even complete courses from many schools, colleges, and universities.
  34. Jailbreaking
    a process to break through the restrictions that only allow apps to an iOS device to be downloaded from the itunes store at Gives the user root or administrative privileges to the OS and the entire file system and complete access to all commands and features.
  35. Microsoft Exchange
    a server app that can handle email, contacts, and calendars and is a popular application used by large corporations for employee email, contacts, and calendars.
  36. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
    technology that allows users to send text messages with photos, videos, or other multimedia content attached
  37. Multitouch
    a touch screen on a computer or mobile device that can handle a two -finger pinch
  38. Open source
    OS or application where the source code is available for free and anyone can modify and redistribute the source code
  39. Pairing
    process of 2 bluetooth devices establishing connectivity
  40. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    a cloud computing service that provides the hardware and the OS and is responsible for updating and maintaining both.
  41. Presentation virtualization
    using this virtualization, a remote application running on a server is controlled by a local computer.
  42. Remote wipe
    remotely erases all contacts, email, photos, and other data from a device to protect your privacy.
  43. Resistive touch screen
    a touch screen that has two sheets of glass covered with resistive coating.  When pressure is placed on the top glass, the glass bends and makes contact with the lower glass.
  44. Rooting
    the process of obtaining root or administrator privileges to an android device which then gives you complete access to the entire file system and all commands and features.
  45. Screen orientation
    the layout of the screen that is either portrait or landscape
  46. Server-side virtualization
    server provides a virtual desktop or application for users on multiple client machines
  47. Short Message Service (SMS)
    a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems. It uses standardized communications protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.[1]
  48. Smartphone
    cell phone includes abilities to send text messages, photos, videos, other multimedia content, surf the web, manage email, play games, take photos and videos and download and use small apps
  49. Zero client
    • a client computer that does not have an OS and merely provides an interface between the user and the server
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