Latin Vocabulary

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  1. abortion
    abortus, ús, m.
  2. abscess, a circumscribed collection of pus
    abscessus, ús, m.
  3. needle
    acus, ús, f. (exception in gender)
  4. entrance
    aditus, ús, m.
  5. arch, arch-like structure
    arcus, ús, m.
  6. aromatic
    aromaticus, a, um.
  7. hearing, the sense of hearing
    audítus, ús, um.
  8. cecum, "blind gut"
    caecum, í, n.
  9. caries, destruction, decay
    cariés, éí, f.
  10. circulatory
    circulatórius, a, um.
  11. collapse, breakdown
    collápsus, ús, um.
  12. horn, horn-like structure
    cornú, ús, n.
  13. corpuscle, small body or mass
    corpusculum, í, n.
  14. decubitus, decubitus ulcer, bed sore
    décubitus, ús, m.
  15. day
    diés, éí, m. (exception in gender)
  16. duct, canal
      biliary duct
      lymphatic duct
    • ductus, ús, m.
    •   ductus cholédochus
    •   lymphaticus
  17. endocrine, with inner secretion
    endocrínus, a, um.
  18. 1. face
    2. surface
    faciés, éí, f.
  19. knee
    genú, ús, n.
  20. sense of taste, gustation
    gustus, ús, m.
  21. Hippocratic, concerning Hippocrates
    Hippocraticus, a, um.
  22. infarction, heart attack
    infarectus, ús, m.
  23. infection
    ínfectió, ónis, f.
  24. lamina, disc; a thin plate or flat layer
    lámina, ae, f.
  25. hand
    manus, ús, f. (exception in gender)
  26. mastoid, breast shaped
    mastoídeus, a, um.
  27. meatus, passage, channel
      acoustic meatus, auditory meatus
    • meátus, ús, m.
    •   meátus acústicus
  28. physician, doctor
    medicus, í, m.
  29. myocardium, the middle layer of the heart
    myocardium, ií, n.
  30. olfraction, the sense of smell
    olfactus, ús, m.
  31. optic(al), relating to the eye, vision, or optics
    opticus, a, um.
  32. ossicle, small bone
    ossiculum, í, n.
  33. labour, delivery
    partus, ús, m.
  34. ruptured, perforated
    perforátus, a, um.
  35. pericardium, the membrane around the heart
    pericardium, ií, n.
  36. plexus, network of nerves/ blood vessels
    plexus, ús, m.
  37. premature
    premátúrus, a, um.
  38. process, projection or outgrowth
    processus, ús, m.
  39. prolapse, falling down of an organ
    prólapsus, ús, m.
  40. oak tree
    quercus, ús, f.
  41. sense
    sensus, ús, m.
  42. sinus:
    1. channel for pass of blood or lymph, which has not the coats of an ordinary vessel
    2. hollow in a bone; antrum
    sinus, ús, m.
  43. mixture of (dried) herbs/ tea blend
    speciés, érum, f.
  44. state, condition
    status, ús, m.
  45. structure, composition
    strúctúra, ae, f.
  46. styloid, peg-shaped
    styloídeus, a, um.
  47. tact, touch, the sense of touch
    tractus, ús, m.
  48. tract, path, way
    tractus, ús, m.
  49. urologic
    úrologicus, a, um
  50. use
    úsus, ús, m.
  51. uterine
      uterine tube
    • uterínus, a, um
    •   tuba uterína
  52. vision, sight, the sense of vision
    vísus, ús, m.
  53. 4th U-declension; masculine nouns
    • Nom. sg. us
    • Gen. sg. ús
    • Acc. sg um
    • Abl sg. ú

    • Nom. pl. ús
    • Gen. pl. uum
    • Acc. pl. ús
    • Abl. pl. ibus
  54. 4th U-declension; neuter nouns
    • Nom. sg ú
    • Gen. sg ús
    • Acc. sg. ú
    • Abl. sg. ú

    • Nom. pl. ua
    • Gen. pl. uum
    • Acc. pl. ua
    • Abl. pl. ibus
  55. 5th E-declension; feminine
    • Nom. sg. és
    • Gen. sg. éí
    • Acc. sg. em
    • Abl. sg. é

    • Nom. pl. és
    • Gen. pl érum
    • Acc. pl. és 
    • Abl. pl. ébus

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