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  1. Creativity in communication
    Creativity determines the outcome under message effect
  2. Nicole Karalekas
    • Baking
    • Patint
    • Geo-cashing
  3. Jarrod Higgins
  4. Darcie Burrell
    • Writing
    • F-ing with people
  5. Dave Allen
  6. The creative brief
    The strategic platform that guides the creation of advertising
  7. Role of account planners
    Consumer's advocate in the process of creating a creative strategy brife; take lead in writing the creative brief& identify an insight
  8. 3 types of type face that is easy to read
    • times
    • Helvetica
    • Garamond
  9. Commercials appear
    TV, Websites, iphones, shopping malls, elevators, airports, Youtube, jumbotrons
  10. Nixon VS Kennedy
    • are example of picture most tell a story
    • The mother tongue of the brain is the imgae
  11. 9 Humorous formats
    • 1.Kids (e Trade)
    • 2. Contry folks (VW, Lysol and American Gothic)
    • 3. Animal (Buc-ee's, Comcast slow turtles, Burger King's subservient chicken)
    • 4. Odd juxtaposition ("A bad haircut..." for a salon campaign)
    • 5. Family relationship
    • 6. Celebrities(7-11 radio commercials-must be careful of being dumb/offensive)
    • 7. Characters(Little Ceaser's )
    • 8. Parodies(Progressive's Flo"Moby Dick" parody, Mona Lisa in Prince ad for tomato sauce)
    • 9. Outrageousness("Little Soldier" ad for vasectomy center, Old Spice's "oder blocker" ads, Outpost. com)
  12. Conclusion of Target Model
    Target use it dataset, a computer model, timing and discretion to create brand loyalty among pregnant shoppers
  13. When you're here, you're family
    Olive Garden
  14. A good creative brief giving a good creative person
    Something to be creative about-BB
  15. What is an insight from Heather
    Make you say"ah ha!" The task is not so much to see what no one else has seen, but to think what no one has though about something that everyone sees.
  16. Illustration should support the selling point the brand wants to communicate
    Bad e.g. Cannon "Man with snake twince around his shoulder
  17. Illustration should form a complementary relationship with headline
    • Be Don juan, Not Dont Knotts
    • Does it matter that you don't know
    • no
    • Target:50-64, high income
  18. The way to register the brand
    Repetition and visual
  19. Examples of build Campaign
    • Combo Campaigns" what your mom would feed you, if your mom were a man"
    • McDonal's "heartsell" ad
    • Consistency, repetition
  20. Budweiser"colt" Budweiser" brotherhood
    • Example of generate Trust
    • Great branding is great story telling
  21. Broccoli Ballerinas( Clever ,simple, real life, inexpensive) is the exmpale of
    Position the Brand
  22. McD's "Big talk " is example of
    Using Emotion
  23. Anacine (headachemedicine)V Alka Seltzer (Stomacahce mediche)
    Does it fit
  24. Sales promotion
    Use of incentive techniques that create a perception of greater brand value
  25. 3 thing: Future of TV
    • User participation will grow with digital/interactive media
    • TV is everywhere; phones, tablets, etc
    • Both of these are changing how advertisers approach TV
  26. Corporate/Brand Home Pages
    The website where a business provides current and potential customers with details on the brand
  27. Prilosec sponsorship of Bunco
    • 14 milion women play Bunco in the US, most of them middle-aged. 6/10 say their Bunco group influences purcahse decision.
    • 70% of heartburn sufferers are women.
  28. What does a rating point (Nielsen)indicate?
    1 percent of all television households in an area who were tuned into the measured program
  29. 4 Disadvantages of Newspapers
    • Clutter
    • Creative constrain
    • short life
    • Limited segmentation
  30. Product placement ___ is important
    • Leverage . Success is measured by media impressions.
    • Authenticity is key
  31. Measured/unmeasured percentage
    • 56% measured
    • 44% unmeasured
    • Unmeasured is slowly growing at the expense of measured due to ad dollar shift more to PR
  32. 5 Disadvantage of TV
    • Fleeting message
    • Poor attentive and attitude
    • poor geography selectivity
    • clutter
    • High Absolute Cost
  33. Central premise of the direction of IBP
    Advertising, branding, and entertainment are converging and collapsing on each other. hence branded entertainment.
  34. Effective reach
    Number/% of consumers in the audience that are exposed to an ad some minimum number of times.
  35. 4 Advantages of TV
    • Cost per contact
    • Coverage, frequency and repetition
    • Creative
    • Audience selectivity
  36. Health Choice's Key Question
    Live improve Comedy from Second City via the internet that spoofs office meetings while featuring the product
  37. SEO
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Process where the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines is improved based on users' profiles
  38. BMW's Web Films
    • Evolved from brand entertainment
    • Great value of branded entertainment:DVR proof
  39. 7 important Changes in Advertising
    • 1. fee-for-service
    • New media options are blurring the lines between pr and advertising. News stories can be written by marketers
    • Ad agencies have become leaner since being publicly traded
    • Globalization. Media is no longer constrained by borders
    • Free content online
    • Consumer control of content
    • Hyperclutter is an issue now that consumers can avoid it( TIVO)
  40. 4 Advantage of Magazine
    • Creativity
    • Audience interest
    • Audience selectivity
    • Long life
  41. 6 Advantage of Newspaper
    • Creativity
    • Cost
    • Credibility
    • Timeliness
    • Audience intrest
    • Geographic selectivity
  42. Media Efficiency cost per thousand (CPM)
    • the cost 1,000 members of an audience using a particular medium
    • Cost of media buyx100/TOTAL audience
  43. Media Efficiency cost per thousand-target market(CPM-TA)
    cost of media X1000/TARGET audience
  44. Message Weight
    Total mass of advertising delivered; gross number of messages /exposure opportunities in a given time
  45. 2 reasons of interactive Media
    • 1 This type of advertising/IBP is growing rapidly
    • 2. Generally works in a fundamentally different way. Consumers seek out the advertising and then interact with brand communication.
  46. Gross Impressions
    Sum of exposures to the entire media placement in the entire media plan
  47. 5 Reasons for growing popularity of firect marketing
    • Convience
    • Change of lifestyle
  48. 4 Disadvantages of Magazines
    • 1. Cost
    • 2. Long lead time
    • 3. Limited reach
    • 4. Clutter
  49. 4 Disadvantages of Radio
    • Creative Constrained
    • Chaos buying process
    • Poor attention
    • Fragmented Audiences
  50. 5 Risk of Sales Promotion
    • 1Creating price orientation
    • 2. Borrowing future sales
    • 3. Alienating Consumers
    • 4. Managerial Time/Expense
    • 5. Legal consideration
  51. Readership in 2010
  52. ___ of purchases involve POP
  53. Pop advertising
    Convey the benefit, highlight price information
  54. 5 Advantages of Radio
    • Timeliness and flexibility
    • Creativity
    • Target Audience Selectivity
    • Reach and Frequency
    • Cost
  55. Support media
    Used to reinforce a message being delivered via another media vehicle
  56. To compete in the future as a viable advertising medium, newspapers will have to do what?
    • Continue to provide in-depth coverage local issues
    • Take advantage of social networking
    • Become more mainstreemin IBP
    • Be accountable to advertisers
  57. Magazine don't have limited creative opportunities
  58. Television is broken down into 4 distinct categoris
    • Network
    • Cable
    • Syndicated
    • Local
  59. The little Cesae's Congo line and singing Baby were used as examples in class for which strategic guidline
    Use eccentric Casting
  60. It is much___ to use humor in an ad than it is to just play it straight
  61. Which of the following is guidline for event sponsorship
    Plan for the before and after
  62. When will product placements add the greatest value
    when they are intefrated with other elements of an ad plane
  63. Brand Entertainment
    entails the development and support of any entertaiment propoerty where a primary objective is to feature one's brand in an effort to impress and connect with consumers in a unique and compelling way
  64. Motel 6 campaign
  65. Citibank is the bad example of __
    A headline must be relevant
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