21. Music festival

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  1. take care of sg/sb, so they are not stolen, damaged, or harmed
    keep an eye on sg/sb - rajta tartja az egyik szemét
  2. arrive somewhere, often late or unexpectedly
    roll up - befut
  3. manage with sg that is not completely satisfactory
    make do (with sg) - beéri/megelégszik vmivel
  4. not take sg/sb with you when you go somewhere
    leave sg/sb behind - ottfelejt, elhagy
  5. be useful for a particular situation
    come in handy / useful - kapóra/jól jön
  6. end a difficult situation by choosig the simplest solution, even if it is not the best one
    take the easy way out - a könnyebb utat választja
  7. make yourself / sb feel very tired
    • wear yourself/sb out - kifárasztja magát
    • tire yourself/sb out
    • worn out
  8. used to tell sb to use or eat less of sg
    go easy on sg -
  9. can mean to build or place sg somewhere
    • set sg up - felhúz
    • put sg up - emel épületet
  10. have reasons why you do not feel certain about sg/sb
    have your doubts about sg/sb - kétségei vannak vmi felől
  11. (of rain) fall fast; rain a lot
    tip down - ledönt
  12. (of a person) be/get very wet
    be/get soaked to the skin - bőrig ázott
  13. if the rain doesn't fall, although you thought it would
    hold off - késlekedik, távol marad
  14. (on an event) start in a particular way.
    • kick off - lerúg, kezdő rúgást tesz
    • wind up - befejeződik
  15. find sg by chance
    stumble on/across sg - rábukkan
  16. stop being involved in an event or activity
    pull out (of sg) - kivon, elmegy
  17. produce or provide sg, especially for the benefit of the other people or for a special purpose
    put sg on -
  18. the best, most enjoyable, etc. part of sg.
    • the high point of sg - csúcspont
    • the low point of sg - mélypont
  19. to cause a particular reaction
    were very successful or popular
    • go down -
    • went down really well
    • went down bomb
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