Exam 3 Part 6 Mid Child Piaget info process language

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  1. Mid childhood Physical growth
  2. Piaget Mid Childhood
    • Concrete Operational
    • Kids become more logical -->So want answers to things
    • Only have plan A
    • ---If doesn’t work then don’t have plan B
    • Loss of magical thinking
  3. Loss of magical thinking
    • Conservation
    • Classification
    • Seriation
    • Spatial Reasoning
  4. Conservation
    • Decentration
    • Reversibility
  5. Decentration
    Allows child to say yes this glass is taller but it is skinnier
  6. Reversibility
    Ice cube left on table change into water
  7. Classification
    • Is there more candy or tootsie rolls
    • Lined them up
  8. Seriation
    • Put things in order
    • ---By size
    • Shows change in cognitive development
  9. Spatial Reasoning
    • Make map in head
    • Things exist in space
  10. Horizontal Decalage
    • Not all kids can do all of this at the same time however not gradual
    • Can be based on culture
    • We learn what we need to be successful
  11. Information Processing Theory (Mid Child)
    • Gradual
    • Everything that we have ever needed is already there
    • ---Instead we gain capacity and speed
    • Turning point
  12. Turning Point in Information Processing
    • we have built enough networks to increase speed and capacity
    • Cognitive inhibition
    • Attention
  13. Cognitive inhibition
    • Able to ignore impulses
    • Can ignore clock ticking
  14. Attention
    • Selective
    • Planning
    • ---Do the things they hate doing first
    • Memory
    • ---Rehearsal
    • Organize and rehearse
    • Elaboration
    • ---mnemonic
  15. Language (Middle childhood)
    • Can learn up to 20 new words a day
    • At end know 60,000 words
    • Understand the root of words to determine other words
    • Realize that words have a double meaning
    • ---Slangs/ puns
    • Better understanding of grammar
    • Masterful at pragmatics
    • ---How to speak to one audience than another
    • ---Know how use language to manipulate
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