Exam 3, Part 11 Adolescence Social Development

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  1. Social Development Adolescence
    • Girls more advanced in social and emotional development but not cognitive
    • friends become more important
    • beneficial in exploring
  2. Good Friendship
    • Intimacy
    • Loyalty
  3. Intimacy
    • Psychological closeness/understanding
    • Seen you at your best and your worst and like both sides
  4. Loyalty
    • They will still maintain a friendship with you depending where you go
    • If you are depressed and you have a friend like this you will get better
  5. Where friendships bad
    • Co-rumination
    • Anti-Social
  6. Co-rumination
    If two friends both depressed if one says world is horrible then may push them to suicide opposed to tell them not to
  7. Anti-social
    • When one friend does dangerous and risky behavior and the other friend gets sucked into it (shop lifting, drugs)  or cover for them
    • Cause a lot of anxiety and stress
  8. Who has closer friendships
    • The same, it just looks different
    • ---Girls – sulk, watch movie, eat
    • ---Boys- active, don’t sulk
  9. Group friendship -Early adolescence
    • Cliques
    • ---5-7 friends, same sex, share same values, attitudes, background interests
    • ---Breaks up close dyads  you learn how to not be jealous
  10. Group Friendship Middle adolescence
    • Crowds
    • ---A larger group of more than one clique
    • ---Bc of exploration of identity
    • ---Save place for opposite sexes to mingle
    • Fade at end of high school
  11. Dating
    • Very cultural
    • Doesn’t meet up with physical developing
  12. Olweus
    • Bullying
    • First person to say that there is a problem with the bully too
    • It’s a bullying circle
    • Bystanders play role
    • ---some want to help but don’t know how
    • ---don’t understand
    • --- what do the teachers do?
    • ------You need to change your environment and make them feel welcome to talk
  13. bullying boys
    physically, bully strangers or acquaintances
  14. Bullying girls
    • (relational) verbally bully friends or former friends
    • ---so they know what will hurt them
  15. Cyber bullying
    • worse with technology
    • ---be anonymous
    • ---can pretend someone you are not
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