MCB Nervous Practical

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  1. Meninges
    Dura, Arachnoid, and Pia Mater
  2. Dura Mater
    Outermost LayerImage UploadImage Upload
  3. Arachnoid Mater
    Middle LayerImage Upload
  4. Pia Mater
    • Deepest layer
    • Image Upload
  5. Cerebral Cortex(Cerebrum) and Associated Structures
    Image UploadImage Upload
  6. Frontal lobe
    voluntary skeletal motor control; higher cognitive functions Image Upload
  7. Central sulcus
    Image Upload
  8. Precentral gyrus
    Image Upload
  9. somatic sensory processing
    Image Upload
  10. postcentral gyrus
    Image Upload
  11. Occipital lobe
    • visual processing
    • Image Upload
  12. Temporal lobe
    auditory processing; olfactory processingImage Upload
  13. lateral sulcus
    Image Upload
  14. Wernicke's area
    • involved in understanding of written and spoken language
    • Image Upload
  15. Broca's area
    involved in motor production of speechImage Upload
  16. Subcortical Structures
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload
  17. Corpus callosum
    Image Upload
  18. Thalamus
    • relay sensory info from periphery to cortex
    • Image Upload
  19. Hypothalamus
    regulates emotions, automatic functions, hormone productionImage Upload
  20. Hippocampus
    memory storage
  21. Pituitary gland
    production of hormones, regulation of other endocrine glands
  22. Brainstem
    Image Upload
  23. Pons
    • relay sensory info to thalamus and cerebellum; regulate reflexive visceral & motor activities
    • Image Upload
  24. Medulla
    • relay sensory info to thalamus and brainstem; autonomic centers for visceral activities
    • Image Upload
  25. Cerebellum
    monitors/adjusts postural muscles; coordinates & adjusts skilled movements; controlled at the conscious & subconscious level (“motor comparator”)Image Upload
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