Croaticum - reflexive verbs

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  1. to bathe (oneself)
    kupati se
  2. to comb (oneself)
    češljati se
  3. to make up (oneself)
    šminkati se
  4. to dry (oneself)
    brisati se
  5. to wake up (oneself)
    buditi se
  6. to shower (oneself)
    tuširati se
  7. to wash (oneself)
    prati se
  8. to undress (oneself)
    svlačiti se
  9. to dress (oneself)
    oblačiti se
  10. to return (oneself)
    vraćati se
  11. to play cards
    kartati se
  12. to relax (oneself)
    relaksirati se
  13. to remember
    sjećati se
  14. to shave (oneself)
    brijati se
  15. to put (oneself) in order
    uređivati se
  16. to give yourself in marriage (just for ženas!)
    udati se
  17. to quarrel (between ourselves)
    svađati se
  18. to sign yourself up
    upisati se
  19. to comb yourself
    češljati se
  20. to laugh
    smijati se
  21. to hear
    čuti se
  22. to meet
    sresti se
  23. to get yourself hired
    zaposliti se
  24. to dry yourself
    brisati se
  25. to shave
    brijati se
  26. to feel
    osjećati se
  27. to remember
    sjećati se
  28. to dress (not oblačiti)
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Croaticum - reflexive verbs
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