Powerful Closes

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  1. Powerful Closes #1 (Multi-month)
    Before you get yourself tied up in a multi-month contract for thousands of dollars...don't you think you owe it to yourself to get just one more opinion? All I need is 15 minutes of your time...Let's set an appointment today.  Which would be better for you...Monday or Tuesday at ___?
  2. Powerful Closes #2 (Wait)
    If I could get your home sold by ____ would that pose a problem for you?
  3. Powerful Closes #3 (Wait)
    If I would have brought you a great offer yesterday would you have sold the home?
  4. Powerful Closes #4 (Holiday)
    Wait until after the holiday!  If there was a benefit to you to sell your home now vs. waiting until after the holiday would you sell it?
  5. Powerful Closes #5 (Second Opinion)
    Your home is your biggest asset...Don't you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion...As a seller today I would recommend to get at least 2 if not more professional opinions...All I need is 15-20 minutes of your time...Let's set an appointment today.
  6. Powerful Closes #6 (Expired)
    I noticed your home was on the market for ___ months so that really did not work, did it?  Don't you think it makes business sense to meet with a new agent that will...GET YOUR HOME SOLD...It will only take 15-20 minutes of your time for me to show you what I do differently and why I've sold ___ homes in the past ___ months.
  7. Poweful Closes #7 (Expired)
    (Name)...I sold ____ homes while yours was on the market...Do you want to sell your home?  Then you need a different approach...Let's set an appointment today.
  8. Powerful Closes #8 (Expired)
    Why do you think some agents sell a lot of houses while others don't?

    That's exactly why we need to get together ... I'll show you exactly why I sold ____ homes while yours was on the market.  Let's set an appointment today.
  9. Powerful Closes #9 (Time)
    You said you have to move to (place) by (time) ... right? Based on the time it takes to get a home on the market ... get it properly exposed to the public ... and sell it ... and sell it ... we need to get together as soon as possible.  So, let's set an appointment today.
  10. Powerful Closes #10 (Top Dollar)
    It will only take me 15 minutes to show you how I get top dollar for the homes that I sell ... It would be worth 15 minutes of your time ... to be absolutely sure ... you were going to receive the most money for your home ... you want to net the most money possible ... right? Let's set an appointment today.
  11. Powerful Closes #11 (Proven plan)
    If you had a proven plan for getting your home sold for top dollar ... would you use it? Let's get together ... and I'll show you that plan ... Which is better for you ... _______ or ______?
  12. Powerful Closes #12 (One more time)
    (Name) I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask you one more time for an appointment...I've learned over the years that ...if I don't...you might end up with a mediocre agent and lose money...You don't want to lose money on the sale of your home...do you?  I can drop by at ____ or would ____ be better?
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