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  1. What political party was George Washington?
  2. What political party was Alexander Hamilton?
  3. What political party was James Madison?
  4. What political party was Thomas Jefferson?
  5. What political party was John Adams?
  6. What political party was John Quincy Adams?
    Democratic Republican
  7. What pol. party was James Monroe?
    Democratic Republican
  8. What political party was Andrew Jackson?
    Jacksonian Democrat
  9. What political party was John Tyler?
    Technically Republican but really Democrat
  10. What pol. party was James K. Polk?
  11. What political party was Abraham Lincoln?
  12. What political party was S.A. Douglas?
    Democrat/Northern Democrat
  13. What 10 states were in the Confederacy?
    • AL
    • FL
    • GA
    • MS
    • LA
    • TX
    • SC
    • TN
    • NC
    • VA
    • AR
  14. Which 5 southern states remained loyal to the union?
    • DE
    • MD
    • MS
    • MO
    • KY
    • WV
  15. What were some pros and cons for the Confederate States?
    • Pros
    • Excellent leadership
    • Passionate
    • On their turf

    • Cons
    • Small military
  16. What were some pros and cons for the Union?
    • Pros
    • Industry
    • Infrastructure

    • Cons
    • Bad leaders
  17. What year did the South surrender?
  18. What was the Freeport Doctrine? Who made it?
    • to stop slavery don't enact black codes
    • Douglas
  19. Who was the 1792 Puppetmaster for the Federalists?
    A. Hamilton
  20. Who was the 1792 Puppetmaster for the Republicans?
    J. Madison
  21. Were the federalists loose or strict constructionalists?
  22. What source of power did the federalists believe in?
  23. What source of power did the Republicans believe in?
  24. What economics did the Federalists believe in?
  25. Who was the Federalist's natural ally?
  26. Who was the Republican's natural ally?
  27. Who won the Election of 1796? What happened?
    • John Adams
    • Kept Washington's administration
  28. What were the highlights of John Adams?
    • 1796 Election
    • XYZ Affair
    • Quasi War
    • Alien and Sedition Acts
    • Doctrine of Nullification
  29. When was the Quasi War?
  30. Who was in the Quasi War?
    France and everyone
  31. What finished the Quasi War?
    Treaty of Mortefontaine
  32. Why were the Alien and Sedition Acts created?
    To support the Quasi War
  33. What did the Naturalization Act of 1798 do?
    increased amount of time to become citizen
  34. What did the Alien Act do?
    Pres. has right to deport dangerous aliens
  35. What did the Alien Enemies Act do?
    Pres may imprison dangerous aliens
  36. What did the Sedition Act of 1798 do?
    put government critics in jail
  37. What was the main goal of the Alien and Sedition Acts?
    limit amount of immigrants/republicans moving in
  38. When was the Sedition Act?
  39. When was the Naturalization Act?
  40. What did the Doctrine of Nullification state?
    States have right to nullify any federal law they deem unconstitutional
  41. Why was the Doctrine of Nullification made?
    in response to the Sedition Act
  42. Who won the Election of 1800? What happened?
    • T. Jefferson
    • 36 ties in electoral college
  43. What were Thomas Jefferson's highlights?
    • Republican Simplicity
    • Slavery??
    • Marbury v. Madison
    • LA Purchase/Corps of Discovery
    • Embargo of 1807
  44. What is republican simplicity?
    stop worrying about elitist things, bring more power to states
  45. What happened in response to republican simplicity?
    • Gets rid of Whiskey tax
    • Decreases standing army and navy
  46. When was Gabriel's Rebellion?
  47. When was Gradual Emancipation? What did it do?
    • 1780
    • Any slave born after this date is free by 28th birthday
  48. When was the Atlantic Slave Trade abolished?
  49. When was Marbury v. Madison?
  50. When was the Judiciary Acts? When was the Bill of Rights?
    • 1789, 1801
    • 1789
  51. What was the result of Marbury v. Madison?
    John Marshall creates judicial review
  52. When and what was the Corps of Discovery?
    • 1804 
    • Lewis and Clark expedition
  53. When was the LA Purchase?
  54. When was the "damnbargo"?
  55. When was the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair?
  56. Who won the election of 1808?
    James Madison
  57. Who won the election of 1812?
    James Madison
  58. What were James Madison's highlights?
    • Macon's Bill #2
    • Tecumseh & Tippicanoe
    • War of 1812
    • Hartford Convention
    • Treaty of Ghent
  59. What did Macon's Bill #2 do?
    stop embargo on countries that drop their orders/decrees
  60. When was the Battle of Tippicanoe? Who was in it?
    • 1811
    • W. H. Harrison v. Prophet (Tecumseh's younger brother)
  61. What were the reasons for the War of 1812?
    • Tecumseh
    • Macon's Bill #2
    • War Hawks
  62. Who was the Southern War Hawk?
    John C. Calhoun
  63. Who was the Northern War Hawk?
    Henry Clay
  64. What were the three fronts of the War of 1812?
    • Detroit
    • Niagra
    • Lake Champlain
  65. What were the problems with the War of 1812?
    • Can't take Canada
    • State not federal militia
    • navy
    • politically divided
    • Federalists control money & didn't want war
  66. Why did the Federalists hate the War of 1812?
    • The federal gov neglects the Atlantic coast
    • The fed. gov only supports farmers
    • The fed. gov controls state militias
  67. When was the Hartford Convention?
  68. How did the Doctrine of State's Rights come about?
    Federalists didn't want to support War of 1812 so they came up with it saying they don't have to.
  69. What happened at the Hartford Convention?
    Federalists said they wouldn't support the war, Doctrine of State's Rights
  70. When was the Treaty of Ghent? What was given to America?
    • 1814
    • You get what you came with
  71. Who won the election of 1816?
    James Monroe
  72. Who won the election of 1820
    James Monroe
  73. What were James Monroe's highlights?
    • Monroe Doctrine
    • Missouri Compromise
  74. When was the Monroe DOctrine? What did it state?
    • 1823
    • Don't mess with America and we won't mess with you
  75. When was Missouri Compromise? What was compromised?
    • 1820
    • Missouri enters as slave state
    • Maine enters as free state
    • Use 36,30 lat line
  76. Who created the spinning jenny? When?
    • Samuel Slater
    • 1790
  77. Who created the power loom? When?
    Francis Lowell 1813
  78. What was the Slater model?
    immigrant family workers
  79. What was the Lowell model?
    rural, young women workers
  80. Did factories increase or decrease supply, price, profits, and conditions?
    • Supply - increase
    • Price - decrease
    • Profits - decrease
    • Conditions - decrease
  81. What happened to Irish immirgants?
    hired by Lowell, became working class
  82. What happened to the German?
    move to Midwest, create craftsmen and laborer middle class
  83. What was the Domestic Sphere for Males?
    • Job
    • Politics
    • Pub
    • Frat group
  84. What was the Domestic Sphere for Females?
    • Home
    • Kids
    • Servants
    • Republican mother
    • True womanhood
  85. Who was John Humphrey Noyes?
    Oneida community creator, believed in Utopia, rejected all spheres
  86. Who won the election of 1824? What happened?
    • John Quincy Adams
    • No one had majority vote so Henry Clay picked president
  87. What were John Quincy Adam's highlights?
    • No Patronage
    • American Plan
    • Federally funded education
    • Scientific Research
    • Tariff of Abominations
  88. What was John Q. Adams' American Plan?
    • Infrastructure
    • Industrial revolution calls for transportation
  89. What was the Tariff of Abominations? Why was it created?
    • 50% tariff 
    • proposed to make Adams look stupid
  90. Who won the election of 1828? What happened?
    • Andrew Jackson
    • First backstabbing/campaigning election
  91. What were Andrew Jackson's highlights?
    • Election of 1828/Kitchen Cabinet
    • Sectionalism
    • Indian Removal Act of 1830
    • Tariff of 1832/Doctrine of Nullification
    • Bank Wars
  92. How did the North feel about tariff, infrastructure, and land?
    • Love
    • Love
    • $$$
  93. How did South feel about tariff, infrastructure, and land?
    • Hate
    • Hate
    • $
  94. How did West feel about tariff, infrastructure, and land?
    • Don't care
    • Don't care
  95. When was the Indian Removal Act?
  96. Who won the Election of 1832? What was the main platform?
    • Andrew Jackson
    • US Bank
  97. What happened in the Bank Wars?
    A. Jackson tries to get rid of bank but no one he hires will help him do it so he fires everyone until someone will
  98. Who won the election of 1836?
    Martin Van Buren
  99. What were Martin Van Buren's highlights?
  100. Who won the election of 1840?
    • William H. Harrison (dies)
    • John Tyler takes over
  101. What were the highlights of John Tyler?
  102. When was the Texas Convention? What was made there?
    • 1832
    • Bill of Rights
    • Mexico outlawed slavery
    • Tariffs
  103. What was the first battle of the Texas war? When?
    • Battle of Gonzalez
    • 1835
  104. When was Texas recognized by US?
  105. When did we annex TX? What were the problems?
    • 1845
    • slave state
  106. Who won the Election of 1844?
    James K. Polk
  107. What were the highlights of James K. Polk?
    • Oregon
    • Mexican War
  108. What was James K. Polk's plan with Oregon?
    expand Oregon to create free state and balance Texas
  109. When was the Washington Treaty? What did it do?
    • 1846
    • divide territory along 49th parallel
  110. What were the three fronts of the Mexican War?
    • Mexico
    • Santa Fe
    • California
  111. What ended the Mexico War?
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1847
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