Social Studies LA and US History Test 2

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  1. In the end which of the Big Three colonizers was the most powerful and successful?
  2. Where were England's colonies located?
    right on the Atlantic coast
  3. What 4 advantages were created for the English colonies by being located right on the Atlantic coast?
    • big ships from the home country could supply them easily
    • the English navy could more easily protect them
    • communication was easier from one colony to another
    • the colonists could easily send out raw materials and goods for sale
  4. The arrival of the Europeans caused huge changes for who?
    Native Americans
  5. Were all the Native Americans happy about the new settlers from England?
    No, some were happy but some fought the colonists.
  6. Which war had several tribes join the French against the English?
    The French and Indian War
  7. What did Europeans believe they had a right to do to Native Americans who did not accept Christianity?
    The colonists believed they could kill the Native Americans.
  8. What did the English destroy by clearing land of trees to make farms?
    Native American hunting grounds
  9. Why did Native American tribes not work together?
    Native Americans did not think of themselves as one people living in different groups.  Each tribe thought of itself as a separate nation with its own culture.
  10. How did Africans end up in America?
    Africans were kidnapped and brought to America against their will.  They were forced to be slaves.
  11. Were Africans treated as people or animals?
    Slaves were bought and sold as if they were animals and not people.
  12. How did Africans play an important role in building the colonies?
    • Their work on the plantations.
    • Knowledge of agriculture on American crops
    • important labor:  making tools, raising buildings, taking care of children
  13. Where was slavery legal prior to the Civil War?
    It was legal in southern states.  Most northern states did not allow it.
  14. Which war made slavery illegal?
    Civil War (1861-1865)
  15. Who invented or helped to invent blues music, Gospel, jazz, rock and roll, soul, R&B, rap, and hip-hop?
    African Americans
  16. Although each colony had its own government, they were much alike.  How so?
    All colonies had an assembly of men who made the laws.
  17. What decisions would the assembly members of the governments make?
    whether to tax their citizens
  18. Did the assemblies of governments free the colonies from England?
    No, England still had power over the colonies.
  19. The British lost a lot of money in which war?
    The French and Indian War
  20. How did they get their money back?
    The British taxed the people living in the 13 North American colonies.
  21. Did the colonists like paying taxes to England?
    No, they already paid taxes to their own colonies and did not want to pay taxes to England too.
  22. Did the colonists have any rights of government in the British government?
    No, the colonists had no representation and could not vote in elections for Parliament.
  23. Could colonists run for office in the British government?
    No. They could not be candidates or run for office.
  24. What famous saying was made by colonists due to no rights of government?
    Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny
  25. What caused the American colonists to go to war against the British?
    anger over taxes
  26. How did the colonists create their own American culture?
    • by dressing and speaking differently
    • reading different books
    • change of beliefs
  27. What two men argued that all men are created equal?
    • John Adams from Massachusetts
    • Thomas Jefferson from Virginia
  28. What did Adams and Jefferson believe all people should be free to do?
    • live their lives as they wished
    • vote and run for office
  29. farming
  30. a group of people elected to make laws and decisions
  31. an amount of money people have to pay their government to help run the country
  32. Great Britain's government
  33. the government using its powers in the wrong way.
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