internal affairs processing

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  1. Who can except a complaint against on officer
    any member of the department can log a complaint.
  2. Who does the department member receiving the complaint report it to
    a police supervisor to review the complaint. interview the complainant and record the complaint
  3. Who investigates complaints
    supervisors or IA personnel
  4. how many categories for IA complaints
    • broken into two catagories
    • 1- Formal investigations
    •     a- excessive use of force
    •     b- false arrest
    •     c- violations of specific statute
    •     d- serious complaint of misconduct
    •     e- racial or sexual harrasment

    2- Inadequate police service
  5. Who handles complaints of category 1 and 2
    category 1 handled by IA

    category 2 handled by command involved
  6. what incidents does IA log and review
    all fleeing vehicles

    any incident resulting in death or serious bodily harm

    firearm discharge
  7. What is done to a member whose actions result in death or bodily harm
    they are placed on administrative leave until review is conducted
  8. Where is all disciplinary action recorded
    In each members personal file with IA
  9. How often does IA meet with Citizen Police review board
    Once each month to go over active cases
  10. Where do complaints to IA come from
    both citizens and from within the department
  11. If no criminal prosecution is anticipated what documents may be requested to prove or disprove allegations
    • medical or lab exams
    • photographs taken of member
    • line-ups
    • financial disclosure statements
  12. how soon should an IA investigation be completed excluding any extenuating circumstances
    120 days
  13. What are the 4 dispositions an IA complaint can be classified
    sustained - enough evidence to substantiate allegation

    not sustained - not enough evidence found during investigation

    unfounded - allegation found to have not occured

    Exonerated - Allegation did occur but was justified and found to be within policy and procedure
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