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  1. Work
    phyiscal or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomlishment of something
  2. Joule
    the SI unit of work or energy
  3. Power
    the rate at which work is done or energy is transfored
  4. Watt
    the unit used to express power; equivanlent to joules per second
  5. Machine
    a device that heples do work by either overcoming a force or changing the direction of the applied force
  6. Work input
    the work done on a machine
  7. Work output
    the work done by a machine
  8. Mechanical Advantage
    is the number of times the machine multpies force
  9. Mechanical efficiency
    is a comparison of a machine's work output with the work input
  10. Lever
    is a simple machine that has a bar that proviots at a fixed point, called a fulcrum
  11. Wedge
    is a pair of inclined planes that move
  12. Pulley
    is a simple machine that has a ground wheel that holds a rope or a cable
  13. Screw
    is an inclined plane that is wrapped in a spiral around a cylinder
  14. wheel and axle
    a simple machine consiting of of two circular objects of different sizes
  15. inclined plane
    is the simple machine that is a straight, slanted surface
  16. compound machine
    machines that are made of two or more simple machines
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