fundamentals of the nervous systems

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  1. nervous system
    • master controlling and communicating system of the body 
    • cells communicate by electric signal
  2. overlapping functions
    • sensory receptors monitoring inside and outside of the body 
    • integration interprets sensory input and decides what should be done
    • motor output causes response by activating effector organs
  3. sensory nerves , cranial nerves
    to and from the spinal cord and brain
  4. peripheral nervous systems functions as
    the communication lines linking all parts of the body of the CNS
  5. somatic afferent fibers
    receptors conveying impulses from the skin, skeletal muscles and joints
  6. sensory or afferent division
    nerve fibers conveying impulses to the CNS
  7. visceral afferent fibers
    receptors transmitting impulses from the visceral organs
  8. motor or efferent division
    transmits impulses from the CNS to the effector organ (muscles and glands)
  9. somatic nervous systems
    • somatic motor nerve fibers conducting impulses from the CNS to skeletal muscles 
    • voluntary nervous system
  10. autonomic nervous system
    • visceral motor nerve fibers regulating the activity of smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and glands 
    • aka involuntary nervous systems 
    • subdivisions sympathetic and parasympathetic
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