Drug induced Pulmonary Disorders

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  1. how can drugs cause injury to the lungs
    • direct pharmacologic action
    • metabolism in the tissue
    • production of reactive metabolite
  2. what other factors can contribute to drug-induced lung disease
    • increase in age
    • decrease in renal function
    • radiation and oxygen therapy
  3. what is the most common drug induced respiratory disorder
  4. what are the two most common drugs that cause drug induced bronchoconstriction
    • aspirin 
    • beta blockers
  5. what drugs are implicated in drug-induced bronchoconstriction
    • naproxen 
    • indomethacin
    • ibuprofen
    • hydrocortisone
    • aspirin
  6. long period use of ibuprofen can lead to what side effect
    blood dyscrasia (agranulocytosis) -- dec WBC
  7. what agents are implicated in bronchiolitis
    • immunosuppressive/chemotherapeutic agents;
    • MTX
    • bleomycin
    • phenytoin
  8. aveolitis/pulmonary fibrosis is characterized by what sx
    • cough
    • fever
    • breathlessness
  9. what is the cause of aveolitis/pulmonary fibrosis
    • depletion of NADPH
    • excessive oxygen free radiacl production 
    • lipid peroxidation
  10. what may be present with aveolitis/ pulmonary fibrosis
  11. what are the common drugs associated with aveolitis and pulmonary fibrosis
    • sulfonamides
    • chlorporpamide
    • phenytoin
    • bleomycin
    • minocycline
  12. what is idiosyncratic and iatrogenic rxn
    • idiosycratic is and uncommon reaction
    • iatrogenic is  an illness/rxn caused by tx
  13. which drugs are capable of inducing pulmonary edema in susceptible individuals
    • corticosteroids
    • beta blockers
    • morphine
    • MTX
    • cytoxan
  14. what are the most frequent causes of pulmonary edema
    • aspirin 
    • opiates
  15. what could be the cause of pulmonary edema
    • increased pulmonary permeability
    • idiosyncratic rxn 
    • excessive overdose of meds
    • fluid administration
  16. what are the general sx of drug induced lung diseases
    • blood sputum
    • chest pain 
    • wheezing
    • fever
    • cough
    • sob
  17. what is thoracentesis
    removal of fluid in the space outside the lung
  18. what is a leukomoid rxn
    more bands than segs (show increase WBC) but have more immature cells (bands) than mature ones (segs)
  19. drugs that induce pleural effusion in susceptible individuals
    • nitrofurantoin
    • hydralazine
    • mtx
    • procainamide
    • sulfonamides
    • phenytoin
  20. complications from drug-induced pulmonary disorders
    • diffuse interstitial fibrosis
    • hypoxemia
    • respiratory failure
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