Origin of life on earth

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  1. 3 origin of life theories?
    • special creation
    • spontaneous generation
    • extraterrestrial contamination
  2. special creation states that life on earth is the direct result of?
    divine intervention
  3. not a scientific theory that can be tested, but rather a test of faith, it is not a science but a religion
    special creation
  4. life can arise from nonliving materials in the greatest possible form
    spontaneous generation
  5. who discovered spontaneous generation?
    Louis pasteur
  6. what did Pasteur use to find out about spontaneous generation?
    swan necked flask experiment
  7. what did pasteurs swan necked flask experiment conclude?
    where no life previously exists, none will appear magically
  8. disproves spontaneous generation?
    pasteurs swan necked flask experiment
  9. what did Pasteur conclude about Spontaneuous generation?
    it does not happen under current conditions
  10. how was Pasteur wrong about his conclusion?
    life did arise from non living matter, but under very different conditions that exist today
  11. evolutionary process went through three distinct phases?
    • geological
    • chemical
    • biological
  12. how many years ago did the earth condense from rocks, dust and gas
    4.5 billion years
  13. lighter elements begin to form a?
  14. proatmosphere?
    • H2
    • CH4
    • NH3
    • water
    • and other gases
  15. what is not included in the proatmosphere?
  16. in chemical evolution, energy sources of drive chemical reactions
    • UV
    • heat
    • electrical discharge
  17. what occurs during chemical evolution?
    prebiotic synthesis of organic carbon based compounds occurs
  18. did urey miller experiment create life?
  19. what did urey miller experiment prove?
    that it is possible to create a chemical environment could serve as the basis for the evolution of life
  20. urey miller experiment stated that it is possible to _____ create a primordial soup
  21. what is considered alive? must have:
    • membrane
    • metabolic system
    • genetic system
  22. under controlled conditions, large macromolecules, proteins, lipids, will spontaneously form?
    coacervate droplets
  23. coacervative droplets could serve as?
    the basis for a membrane
  24. who talked about membrane formation?
  25. initially in the evolution of metabolic pathways, everything was provided by?
  26. current genetic system?
    DNA--- RNA--- protein
  27. tom cech discovered that some RNA's can act as ?
  28. _____ could carry genetic information and express it
  29. primordial world was probably an ?
    RNA world
  30. life on earth is the result of ?
    contamination by some extraterrestrial organism
  31. extraterrestrial contamination is?
    • possible but impossible to test
    • puts the origin of life off the planet
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