Spanish 2

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  1. A mi me toca
    It's my turn to
  2. A ti te toca
    It's your turn to
  3. A el/ella/usted le toca
    It's her/his turn to
  4. A nosotros nos toca
    It's our turn to
  5. A vosotros os toca
    It's your turn to (plural)
  6. A ellos/ellas/ustedes les toca
    It's your/their turn to
  7. No es justo!
    It's not fair!
  8. No me gusta hacer eso!
    I don't like to do that!
  9. Estoy harto(a) de
    I'm tired of
  10. Estoy hasta la cornilla con eso!
    I'm up to here!
  11. Es el colmo!
    That's it
  12. Me Molesta
    It annoys me to
  13. Ya lo hice mil veces!
    I've already done it a thousand times!
  14. Que Chavienda!
    This stinks!/What a pain!
  15. Es un quehacer asqueroso
    That's a disgusting chore
  16. Me choca
    I hate to
  17. Ay, que pesado!
    This is too much!
  18. No le toca a el/ella/usted/ellos/ellas/ustedes hacer eso hoy/ esta vez/esta semana?
    Isn't it his/her/your/there to do this today/this time/this week
  19. Siempre me toca a mi/por que siempre me toca?
    I always have to do it!/ Why do I always have to do this?
  20. Que cosa!
    What the heck!/are you serious!
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