Music History Exam 4

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  1. In the Soviet Union, what control did the government have on the arts?
    • The government controlled all aspects of the arts¬†¬†
    • Theaters, conservatories, concert halls, and other music institutions
    • Concert programming was strictly regulated
  2. What is the Association for Contemporary Music?
    Sought to continue modernist trends established by Scriabin and others
  3. What is the Russian Association of Proletarian Musicians?
    • Group who saw the modernist tradition as being elitist
    • They encouraged simple music with mass appeal
  4. What happened to the Association for Contemporary Music and The Russian Association of Proletarian Musicians once Stalin came to power?
    The two groups were replaced by the Union of Soviet Composers
  5. What did a writers' congress in the Soviet Union do in 1934?
    They promoted socialist realism as the ideal for Soviet arts
  6. What happened to the arts as a result of the socialist realism movement?
    • Realism was adopted for literature, drama, and painting
    • Works needed to portray socialism in a positive light
  7. What effect did the socialist realism movement have on music?
    • Music was created with some of these qualities:
    • +a relatively simple and accessible language
    • +emphasis on melody, often drawn from folk styles
    • +patriotic and inspirational subject matter
  8. Sergey Prokofiev made his initial reputation as a what?
    a radical modernist
  9. After the Revolution, Prokofiev left Russia for where?
    North America and western Europe for almost two decades
  10. What did Prokofiev focus on during his time in North America and western Europe?
    composing solo piano works and concertos for his own performance
  11. What are some of Prokofiev's more famous commissioned works while outside of Russia?
    • The Love for Three Oranges (written for Chicago)
    • Ballets (for Diaghilev)
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