FA 200 final exam photo identification

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    • Birth of Venus by Bottechelli
    • high renaissance
    • Neo-Platonism; an attempt to Christianize pagan theology
    • to keep the church happy, Venus is viewed as being from a non-traditional birth ; on the left are figure with wings that could be viewed as angels, and on the right with the red cloth, the allegorical figure of spring would be a stand in for St. John 
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    • Fountain by Duchamp
    • Dadaism; means nothing. protested everything, anti-art art.
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    • Green Marilyn by Warhol
    • pop art
    • Marilyn Monroe has ceased being a person and become a product
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    • Just what makes today's homes so different, so appealing? by Hamilton
    • pop art; Hamilton kicked off this movement
    • mixing of all different ideas; gender stereotypes, space age, mass consumerism/production
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    • Lavender Mist by Pollock
    • abstract expressionism
    • influenced by Picasso
    • action painting is about the process not final product
    • pushes boundaries that define standard notion of skill
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    • Les demoiselles d'Avignon by Picasso
    • (The madams of d'Avignon)
    • impressionist
    • it is a collision of 2 worlds; fine art and prostitution. they are not ashamed in the picture.
    • this challenged the idea of beauty. the middle ground, background, and foreground are gone. its confusing to look at.
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    • Midsummer night in Harlem by Hayden
    • Harlem renaissance
    • Hayden took criticism because facial features look like blackface minstrel show. that's not the intent
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    • Oath of the Horatti by Louis-David
    • depicts family drama. Brawl between the Horatii family and the Coratii family.
    • 3 brothers must fight to the death defending their family's honor. A sister of Horatii family is engaged to a Coratii. Horatii brothers win and kill their sister.
    • depicts social class in Rome.
    • has a single dramatic light source
    • baroque period
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    • Octoroon Girl by Motley
    • Harlem renaissance
    • making a large attempt to counteract negative stereotypes of black women as mammy or as overly sexual
    • mixed race woman in the painting; 1/8th black.
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    • Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio
    • Christ appears at a supper at Emmaus after his resurrection and no one recognized him.
    • action is pushed to the foreground; Caravaggio left a spot at the table for us. 
    • uses chiaroscuro; there is a dark reversed halo around the head of Christ
    • baroque period
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    • The treachery of images aka This is not a pipe by Magritte
    • this picture is meant to say don't take things so literally
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    • Untitled by Kruger
    • graphic designer in the 80s and worked with women's publications; Vogue, Cosmo, etc. then she decided she was going to go into the visual arts and incorporate some of the mass media images.
    • contemporary art
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    • David by Michelangelo
    • made of marble. 14 ft tall. David stands in Contrapposto. David is a symbol of Florence which fought against powerful enemies. He is both calm and determined.
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