Human Lit Terms

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  1. What is Fablue?
    • Flablue is it is a short tale with vivid detail, realistic observation, and is visually funny, especially towards women.
    • example: The Decameron's story of Brother Alberto.
  2. What is a characture?
    • A characature is an exaggerated flaw a character has.
    • example: the Barron's house has one window, one door, and one tapestry. His wife is almost impossibly overweight.
  3. What is a novella?
    • A novella is a story with a compact painted plot often realistic and satiric in topic. Based on local events made humorous, political or about love.
    • example: Candide
  4. What is Picaresque?
    • Picaresque is narrative life of a character of low status. Engaged in minial tasks and surviving by wit. Episodic nature; Main character by his nature and various predicaments allowing author to satirize social classes. 
    • Candide from Candide.
  5. What is a satire?
    • holds human vices, folly, short comings to ridicule as irony with the  intent to bring improvements.
    • Examples: Don Quixote, Candide, and Tartuffe.
  6. What is a parody?
    • imitating and criticizing another work in a nonsensical but brilliant way usually a political subject.
    • Example: the story of Marcela and Grisimoto
  7. What is pastoral romance?
    • Subject matter is rustic or rural life. Ridding of the complex city life.
    • Example: Don Quixote.
  8. What is Neoclassical?
    • A form of literature or drama that is contemporary and deals with central concerns and problems in one's society.
    • Example: hypocrisy in religion in Tartuffe.
  9. What is Farce?
    • Farce is a comical and dramatic work including crude characters who are involved in improbable situations.
    • Example: Tartuffe
  10. What is a secondary epic?
    • A secondary epic uses information from a primary epic.
    • Example: The Aeneid takes information from the Illiad.
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