US History Final

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  1. When was the McCormick Reaper Invented and by who
    1831, Cyrus McCormick
  2. What was the significance of the McCormick Reaper
    The McCormick Reaper was important because it was a time saving invention that allowed farmers to more than double the size of there crops. and was one of the greatest industrial establishments in the US
  3. When and who invented the horse powered Thrashing machine?
    Andrew Menelik, 1784
  4. What was the significance of the Thrashing Machine, and what did it do?
    It removed grain from the stalk, and it was significant because Mechanization of this process took much of the drudgery out of farm labor.
  5. Who invented the Erie Canal, and when was it invented?
    Benjamin Wright, Canvass White, Amos Eaton. 1825
  6. What was the Erie Canal and what purpose did it serve?
    it shortened the distance boats had to travel between the Great Lakes and East Coast seaports like New York. Goods could be shipped faster and cheaper.
  7. Who invented the clipper ship, and when was it invented?
    A very fast sailing ship, built beginning of 1850s, by American shipbuilders
  8. What was the significance of the ship?
    The 'clippers' were the fastest most advanced sailing ships of the day giving the USA an advantage in speed of transport and range of ships.
  9. What’s The Impact Of The Transportation Revolution In The United States By The 1850s?
    mans way of moving people and freight on rivers and lake (steamboat), man way of moving people and freight across the railroad
  10. What was the significance of Spinning Jenny
    The Spinning Jenny helped to modernize the textile industry and was one of the most important inventions of the industrial revolution. The importance of the Spinning Jenny was the increase in production of spun yarn.
  11. Who invented Slater's mill and when
    Richard Arkwright. Samuel Slater, in 1790
  12. What was the significance of Slater Mill
    first water-powered cotton spinning mill in North America to utilize the Arkwright system of cotton spinning, and increased cotton production
  13. Impact Of The War Of 1812 On Manufacturing In The United States
    The Embargo Encourages manufacturing at home
  14. When did innovations of cotton mining increase and by who
    F.C Lowell and 1813
  15. What was the factory system and what was the significance?
    The factory system was RAW materials come in transform to a finished product and work all day long, Workers will be needed in the mill increase in jobs.
  16. Who invented the telegraph and when?
    Samuel Morse, 1844
  17. What was the significance of the telegraph and what did it do?
    It worked by transmitting electrical signals over a wire laid between stations. In addition to helping invent the telegraph, Samuel Morse developed a code (bearing his name) that assigned a set of dots and dashes to each letter of the English alphabet; Made it possible to communicate quicker over vast distances
  18. When was central park invented, and by who?
    Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, 1857
  19. What was Central Park and what was the significance
    Central park was a beautiful place with bridges and, trees and fresh air. It gave people a place to live outside of the hussle and bussle of the city
  20. What was the second great awaking?
    • The Second Great Awakening (1800–1830s) was the second great religious revival in United States history and consisted of renewed personal
    • salvation experienced in revival meetings.
  21. Who lead the second great awaking?
    Charles Grandison Finney
  22. What Did Finney say?
    Hate sin but not sinners, we all have social problems and they are all caused because of slavery, we need to combat to reform American society
  23. What was the significance of the second great awaking
    It created divisions within the church leading to more diversity, weakened church authority,and played a signifigant role in social reform.
  24. When did the shakers come, and by who
    Ann Lee, 1780s
  25. Who were the Shakers
    celibate and communal lifestyle, and their model of equality of the sexes
  26. What was the significance of the shakers
    beautiful furniture, mechanical devices, and architecture.
  27. Who Invented Mormons, and when
    Joesph Smith, 1820s
  28. What did the mormons believe
    They believed that marriage should be shared and polygamy is allowed, also to follow the book of mormon
  29. What is the significance of the Mormon religion
    it was the fastest growing religion in America at one time
  30. When was education reform beginning, and by who
    1830s, Horus Man
  31. What was some of the conditions of education reform
    Teachers must be trained, must go to school, free education through grade 12 only in Massachusetts
  32. What was the significance of The education reform
    It set a good handle on how to run the school system and stood for a model that most of the north would follow
  33. What was the problem withe punishment system?
    did not stop crime or reform people
  34. When did the penitentiary form, and what did they do
    1820s, and they made people go into rooms boxes cages and serve a sentence in there
  35. Mentally Ill Asylum
    Dorthea Dixs went and saw many people had been treated extremely poorly
  36. What is the Significance of Dorthea Dix
    contribution to society was to help the mentally ill in Jails.
  37. Who were the three leading ladies for women's rights
    Lucie Stone, Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Staton
  38. What was Seneca Falls
    Happened in 1848, women spoke to a group, made it public, meet annually
  39. What was the significance of Seneca falls
    The convention was seen by some of its contemporaries, including organizer and featured speaker Lucretia Mott, as but a single step in the continuing effort by women to gain for themselves a greater proportion of social, civil and moral rights, but it was viewed by others as a revolutionary beginning to the struggle by women for complete equality with men.
  40. What was the Temperance Movement
    Effort to get people to stop drinking alcohol
  41. What did they do to promote the stop drinking of alcohol
    came door to door with pamphlets for both literature and illiterate people
  42. what was the significance of the temperance movement
    it increased absence of alcohol after the temperance movement and pushed for mandatory temperance rather than voluntary
  43. When did the rebirth of slavery begin?
  44. What did the gradualist want
    a gradual end to slavery started colony in libera for freed slaves
  45. what did the liberty party want
    Elect people to push an end to congress through the government, only wanted to end slavery, no other issues mattered
  46. Militant Abolitionists are led by:
    William Grassion, and Fred Douglas
  47. Militant Abolitionist wanted:
    slavery is wrong and its a sin, slaves must have rights this must happen now. Rid of slavery
  48. The Apologist
    are sorry for slavery, but they can just not see another way around it.
  49. Militant Pro Slavery
    they say slavery is good how can it be bad, slavery is natural and is the natural condition of African Americans, They used population of the media to get the word out.
  50. Who led the Militant Pro Slavery
    John c. Calhoun
  51. Manifest Destiny
    Americans god given right to expand west ward to the pacific
  52. Who came up with the idea of manifest destiny?
    John Louis Sullivan
  53. What was the significance of manifest destiny
    it was the driving force for US expansion across the North American continent in the 19th century.
  54. Who were the three presidents involved in manifest destiny
    Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, James polk
  55. What was the Texas annexation
    he United States of America annexed the Republic of Texas and admitted it to the Union as the 28th state. The U.S. thus inherited Texas'border dispute with Mexico; this quickly led to the Mexican–American War, during which the U.S. captured additional territory (known as the Mexican Cession of 1848
  56. When did the Texas annexation happen
  57. What is the significance of the Texas annexation
    The Annexation of Texas was opposed by many northerners for fear of adding another slave state to the union, triggered the Mexican war from 1846-1848, and eventually resulted in Mexico being forced to give up half of its land in the Treaty of Hildalgo.
  58. What was Astoria
    a place where fur trading happened with the Indians
  59. What was the convention of 1818
    the border was established between the American states and territories and Canada. It also established laws to allow American fisherman to use Canadian waters.
  60. what was the significance of the 1818 convention?
    described the boundary between British North America and the US as a line from the farthest.
  61. What is Webster-Ashburton treaty
    Settled the border between Canada and Maine – Settled the border between Canada and Vermont and New York– Reaffirmed the 49thparallel to the Rockies up to the Oregon Country as the border between us and canada
  62. Who created the Santa Fe trail
    1821, William Becknell
  63. What was the purpose of Santa Fe trail
    for traders to trade in Mexico
  64. What was the significance of the santa fe
    Ultimately the trail tied the New Mexican Southwest economically to the rest of the United States and hastened American penetration of the region.
  65. Who was santa Ana
    as a Mexican politician and general who greatly influenced early Mexican politics and government. Santa Anna fought first against Mexican independence from Spain, then in support of it.
  66. What was the Siege Of Vera Cruz
    1847, he Battle of Veracruz was a 20-day siege of the key Mexican beachhead seaport of Veracruz,during the Mexican-American War. Lasting from March 9–29, 1847, it began with the first large-scale amphibious assault conducted by United States military forces, and ended with the surrender and occupation of the city.
  67. The battle of bueno vista
    saw the United States (U.S.) Army use artillery to repulse the much larger Mexican army in the Mexican-American War.
  68. Chattel Slavery
    Concubines– House servants– Miners– soldiers
  69. Limbry
    Concubines– House servants– Laborers
  70. What were European factory ports
    places where slaves were kept before they were bought
  71. What was the main crop
  72. Who invented the cotton gin, and when
    Eli Whitney, 1793
  73. What did the cotton gin do
    machine that quickly and easily separates cotton fibers from their seeds, allowing for much greater productivity than manual cotton separation.
  74. What was the significance of the cotton gin?
    made cotton production a profitable Business which lead to the increase in slavery. Basically, it is what turned the south from a society with slaves to a slave society. Before slavery was present in the society, but the new cotton Business turned slavery into the irreplaceable system in Society.
  75. What were cultural forms of resistance
    African foodways African folktales African language African naming traditions African musical traditions African religious traditions
  76. Who was Henry Brown
    was a 19th-century Virginia slave who escaped to freedom by arranging to have himself mailed to Philadelphia abolitionists in a wooden crate after 33 years of slavery. For a short time he became a noted abolitionist speaker and later a showman, but later lost the support of the abolitionist community, notably Frederick Douglass, who wished Brown had kept quiet about his escape so that more slaves could have escaped using similar means.
  77. Who was nat turner
    was an African American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia on August 21, 1831 that resulted in 55 white deaths.
  78. what was nat turners rebellion
    was a slave rebellion that took place in Southampton County, Virginia, during August 1831.[1] Led by Nat Turner, rebel slaves killed anywhere from 55 to 65 people, the highest number of fatalities caused by any slave uprising in the American South. The rebellion was put down within a few days, but Turner survived in hiding for more than two months afterwards.
  79. what was the significance of Nat turner rebellion
    And the Virginia legislature seriously considered abolishing slavery in the state of Virginia. They were that terrified.
  80. Importance Of Slavery To The U.S. Economy In The First Half Of The 19thCentury
    Slavery was the main source of money for the united states
  81. The Compromise Of 1850 And “Popular Sovereignty”
    if 50 percent want slavery then it happens
  82. Important Provisions Of The Federal Fugitive Slave Law
    US fugitive slave commissioners -duties & powers• Proof of ownership• Suspected fugitive’s right to testify• Commissioner’s fee• No jury trial
  83. What was the anthony burns affair and when did it happen
    was born a slave in Stafford County, Virginia. As a young man, he became a Baptist and a "slave preacher" at the Falmouth Union Church in Falmouth, Virginia. In 1853 he escaped from slavery and reached Boston, where he started working.The following year, he was captured under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and tried under the law in Boston.
  84. What was the significance of Anthony burns
    the events generated strong opposition across the North to Pierce and his administration.
  85. What happened at bleeding sumner
    bad mouthing butler nephew beat the crap out of sumner
  86. Signiface of Sumner
    Caused people to say the slave owners are beating political officials
  87. Who was dred scott
    was a slave in the United States who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom and that of his wife and their two daughters
  88. when was the dred scott case and what happened
    1857, he case was based on the fact that although he and his wife Harriet Scott were slaves, they had lived with his master Dr. John Emerson in states and territories where slavery was illegal according to both state laws and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, including Illinois and Minnesota The United States Supreme Court decided 7–2 against Scott, finding that neither he nor any other person of African ancestry could claim citizenship in the United States, and therefore Scott could not bring suit in federal court under diversity of citizenship rules.
  89. Who was John Brown
    American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States. During the 1856 conflict in Kansas, Brown commanded forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie. Brown's followers also killed five pro-slavery supporters at Pottawatomie. In 1859, Brown led an unsuccessful raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry that ended with his capture
  90. What was the significance of John Brown
    His actions unquestionably helped set in motion events that led to the Civil War.
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