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  1. Suffix indicates
    procedure, condition, disease, or part of speech
  2. organelle
    cellular structure that provides a specialized function
  3. ankylosis
    stiffening and immobility of a joint
  4. hematopoiesis occurs at
    bone marrow
  5. midsagital
    plane that divides body into right and left halves
  6. 2 main divisions of skeleton
    • axial
    • appendicular
  7. complicated fracture
    bone injures another organ
  8. open fracture
    broken bone causing external wound
  9. connective tissue forms
    blood, fat and fibroblasts
  10. diaphysis
    shaft/long portion of bone
  11. impetigo
    inflammatory skin disease with pustules that become crusted and rupture
  12. dermis includes
    capillaries, sebaceous glands, nerve endings, and hair follicles
  13. sebum protects
    against infection
  14. debridement
    surgical procedure to remove necrotized tissue
  15. decubitus ulcers
  16. pediculosis
    skin infection caused by lice
  17. burns that damage epidermis are classified as
    first degree burns
  18. fissure
    small slit or crack that extends into dermal
  19. macule
  20. sebaceous glands AKA
    oil glands
  21. metastasis
    tumor cells travel
  22. comedo
  23. hyperesthesia
    sensitivity to sensory stimuli
  24. basal layer includes cells called
  25. sudoriferous glands
    sweat glands
  26. skin is waterproof because of
  27. lentigo
    small brown macule on skin
  28. abscess
    localized collection of pus
  29. lunula
    growth area of nail
  30. eschar
    damaged tissue following severe burn
  31. papillae
    capable of perceiving taste
  32. bile is produced in
  33. cecum (part of large intestine) is associated with the
  34. hernia
    protrusion of an organ through wall that's normally contained
  35. peristalsis
    wavelike movement occurs involuntary in hollow tubes
  36. rugae
    mucosal folds in stomach wall
  37. peptic ulcer
    produces hole in stomach wall
  38. cachexia
    lack of nutrition and wasting
  39. colostomies
    divert fecal flow to bag
  40. anastomosis
    removes polyps from vessel
  41. exhalation
    expels carbon dioxide from lungs
  42. epiglottis
    covers larynx
  43. emphysema
    inability of alveoli to contract from decreased elasticity
  44. exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in body cells is
    internal respiration
  45. adenoids are located in
  46. diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of blood occurs in
    pulmonary capillaries
  47. pulmonary edema
    accumulation of extravascular fluid in lung and alveoli
  48. compliance
    lungs expand and fill with air
  49. when diaphragm contracts airs
    drawn into lungs
  50. pleurisy
    inflammation of pleural membranes
  51. cartilidge rings provide rigidity to keep bronchi from
  52. ventilation
    movement of air into and out of lungs
  53. visceral pleura lays over the
  54. exchange of gases takes place between
    alveoli and capillaries
  55. arteries carry
    blood away from heart
  56. embolus
    undissolved matter circulating in blood or lymphatic channels until it becomes lodged in vessel
  57. ischemia
    oxygen deficiency in surrounding tissues
  58. Pacemaker of the heart
    AV node
  59. phlebotomy
    withdraws blood from vein
  60. bruit
    soft blowing sound
  61. common cause of endocarditis
  62. fibrillation
    spontaneous muscle contractions, especially of heart
  63. coronary arteries supply blood to
    heart muscle
  64. pericardium
    sac containing the heart
  65. right atrium receives
    deoxygenated blood from venae cavae
  66. highest oxygen concentrations found in blood of
    coronary arteries
  67. valve between right atrium and right ventricle
  68. incompetent valve fails to
    prevent backflow of blood
  69. blood development
  70. aspiration
    drawing in or out by suction
  71. platelets
    smallest formed elements in blood
  72. percentage of packed red cells in whole blood sample is
  73. edema
    abnormal accumulation of fluid in intercellular spaces
  74. titer
    test that measures antibodies in blood
  75. reticulocyte
    immature RBC
  76. blood cell responsible for immunity is
  77. liquid medium of blood
  78. blood plasma minus fibrinogen and other clotting factors is
  79. anticoagulant
    prevents clot formation
  80. chief component of blood plasma
  81. primary function of platelets
    blood clotting
  82. thrombopoiesis
    platelet development
  83. 3 major plasma protiens
    • albumin
    • globulin
    • fibrinogen
  84. neutrophils engage in
  85. ascites
    fluid collects in peritoneal or pleural cavity
  86. urines expelled through
  87. endometriosis
    functioning endometrial tissue outside womb
  88. oligospermia
    deficiency of sperm
  89. abnormal passage from internal organ to body surface
  90. urethra functions in both
    male and female
  91. menarche
    onset of menses
  92. hormone produced by kidney
  93. blood leaves kidney by
    renal vein
  94. period of pregnancy
  95. nitrogenous products
    waste filtered by kidney
  96. erythropoietin is stimulated by
    low oxygen levels in blood
  97. enuresis
  98. removal of prepuce is
  99. micturition
  100. gland that secretes mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids and sex hormones
    adrenal cortex
  101. epinephrine is secreted by
    adrenal medulla
  102. calcitonin
    regulates calcium levels in blood
  103. hirsutism
    abnormal hairiness
  104. adenohypophysis
    anterior lobe of pituitary gland
  105. master gland
    pituitary gland
  106. sodium acts as a
  107. thyroid gland
    regulates metabolism
  108. insulin
    lowers blood sugar
  109. hyponatremia
    abnormal condition of low sodium
  110. homeostasis
    state of equilibrium in internal environment
  111. diabetes mellitus is a disorder of
  112. parathyroid glands located
    on posterior surface of thyroid gland
  113. regulates calcium in blood and bones
    parathyroid hormone
  114. 3 sex hormones
    • progestins
    • estrogens
    • androgens
  115. insulin is produced by
  116. epinephrine AKA
  117. neuroglia
    supporting and connecting cells of nervous system
  118. transient ischemic attack
    associated with stroke symptoms
  119. blocks chemicals from entering brain tissue
    blood brain barrier
  120. ataxia
    lack of muscular coordination
  121. anterior root is located
    outside cranium
  122. neurotransmitters
    chemicals that facilitate movement of impulses
  123. brain lesions associated with alzeimer disease
  124. structure joining two hemispheres of brain is
    corpus callosum
  125. analgestic
    drug used to relieve pain
  126. functions of cerebellum are concerned with
  127. cerebrovascular accident AKA
  128. synscope
  129. central nervous system is composed of
    brain and spinal cord
  130. small space between neurons is
  131. dementia
    memory impairment
  132. meninges
    protective coverings of brain and spinal cord
  133. afferent nerves conduct
    impuleses toward CNS
  134. adnexa
    describes accessory structures of organ
  135. evisceration
    removal of contents of eye
  136. optic nerve & blood vessels enter eye at
    optic disc
  137. eso-
  138. cochlea
    snail shaped structure of inner ear
  139. tinnitus
    ringing, hissing or other sounds in ears
  140. malleus, incus and stapes are located in
    tympanic cavity
  141. otosclerosis
    hardening of bones around oval window
  142. macular degeneration
    blood and other fluids leak, destroy visual cells, loss of vision
  143. retina contains
    rods and cones
  144. cerumen
    waxy secretion produced by glands in ear
  145. oval windows on the
    external surface of cochlea
  146. sense of equilibrium is maintained in
    semicircular canals
  147. inner edge of eye
  148. excessive pressure commonly leading to blindness
  149. external ear conducts waves through air, middle ear-bone, inner ear-fluid
  150. center of optic disc is
    blind spot
  151. Eustachian tube connects
    pharynx with middle ear
  152. cornea
    transparent, anterior part of eye
  153. conjunctiva
    membrane that lines inner eyelids and covers cornea
  154. CBC
    complete blood count
  155. UA
  156. Bx,bx
  157. hs
    half strength
  158. h.s.
    at bedtime
  159. PT
    prothrombin time
  160. PTT
    Partial thromboplastin time
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