W/C Law Enforcement

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  1. Discuss the Role of the Watch Commander during a DUI/DWI
    • Notify the CoC and CDO. Ensure the safty of the patrolmen on-scene and that they are following SOP's for processing suspect.
    • Coordinate trhe impounding of the vehicle.
    • if the incident is at the ECP -re route traffic
    • complete DJ/ICR
  2. Discuss the Procedures if the Driver refuses an Alco-Blow or PBT
    • Notify the COC and CDO
    • Ensure patrolmen are following SOP's for obtainign a /9 or process for Art 92 if there is further refusal.
    • Complete DJ/ICR
  3. under what circumstances can you request the towing of a POV
    • Abandoned vehicle
    • blocking a roadway
    • parked in an intersection
    • parked within 15feet of a hydrant,
    • DUI
    • Possession of a controlled substance
    • immobilized as a result of an accident.
  4. what actions do you take to tow a POV
    • For emergency contact MWR Toing
    • For Routine Contact PWD Dispatch
  5. Discuss the Duties of the W/C during a domestic
    • Notifications
    •  - CoC
    •  - FAR-if an MPO is required
    • - NCIS- if there is aggravated assault
    • - CID-if juveniles are involved.

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    Ensure Patrolmen are performing procedures properly and safely.
  6. Where do you refer victims of a domestic violance
    FAR and Chaplain
  7. What is a NASSIG cool down period and MPO
    A Cool down period is when a person is removed from the dispute for a period of time in order to let the situation deescalate. a cool down period will be no less than 24 hours, administaered by the XO and can be extended by FAR

    An MPO is generated in aggressive or violent incidents where there has been physical abuse, the SJA will execute an MPO during normal working hours, the CDO after working hours
  8. What is the Primary Goal of the Family Advocacy Program
    the Safety and protection of the Victim
  9. What are the procedures for if you detain a LN or civilian dependant
    Notifiy Security Liaison to contact local authorities to turn over LN

    Notifiy the Sponsor, or sponsor's command if the sponsor is unavailable
  10. What is your job as W/C during an Active shooter response
    • Dispatch enough Patrolmen
    • Ensure they take long arms
    • Ensure an ICP is established
    • Ensure an evacuation is conducted of the surrounding area
    • Set perimeter
    • make notifications
    • Ensure Local authorities have been notified
    • Establish mobile command
    • Establihs primary and secondary routes for emergancy vehicles
    • Ensure MWD sweeps the ICP for IED's
    • Ensure patrolmen are ready to use deadly force
    • Make decision to recall all NSF and ASF personnel
    • If shoots are actively being fired while on scene, patrolmen must immediately be sent to engage and neutralize the threat.
  11. Who assumes the duties of the On-scene Commander
    First patrolman who arrives on scene who is not part of the contact or rescue team to arrive shall assume on scene commander.
  12. What are the responsiblities of the OSC
    • To establish an ICP
    • To Determine Response and staging area for arriving personnel
    • Request Additional resources
    • Make Notifications
    • Arrange  a safe staging area for medical
    • Maintain Crime Scene once incident is over
  13. CID's Responsibilites
    • Minor Crimes to big for section to handle
    • Evidence Custodians
    • Lost and Found  
  14. Who may act in the place of the parents on behalf of a juvenile
    • Who ever has the best interest of the child
    • which includes
    • FAR
    • Family Friend or representative from sponsor's command
    • The CDO may NOT act on behalf of the child
  15. Procedures for handleing the rights advisement and apprehension of a juvenile
    A Juvenile should only be handcuffed for the protection of the responding patrolmen and the detainee.

    Rights advisement must be done in the presence of the parents or sponsor or a person acting on behalf of the parent

    Restricted DJ
  16. Procedures if patrolman is involved in a high speed pursuit
    Advise patroman to obtain as much information from the suspect vehicle and to cease pursuit in order to ensure safety of all persons involved and bystanders.

    Dispatch will disseminate a BOLO

    Request Gates be closed
  17. Procedures for Traffic Accidents involving serious bodily injury or fatality
    • Notifications to CoC
    • Ensure Crime Scene is Established
    • Notify Local Authorites
    • Notify Traffic accident investigator to respond
    • Contact Duty Chaplain or FAR to assist responding Patrolmen after incident
  18. Who is the CACO
    • Casualty Assistance Calls Officer,
    • He is in charge of initiating the process of contacting the family of a lost servicemember
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