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  1. B737-800 Dimensions
    Lenght : 129ft 6inches (39.5m)

    Height : 41ft 3inches (12.5m)

    Span: 112ft 7inches (34.4m)

    Min width to turn the airplane is aprox 77ft (23m)
  2. B737-800 Weight Limits
    MZFW : 136,000 lbs 

    MTW : 156,000 lbs

    MTOW : 155,500 lbs

    MLW : 144,000 lbs
  3. Engines

    Hight by-pass ration, Electronice Engine control system, EEC

    • 22,000 - 26,000 lb thrust
    • 90kVA generators
    • 61 inch fan diameter
  4. Range
    Short to Medium range
  5. Max ALT
    41,000 ft 
  6. Max Operating Speed
    0.82 Mach 
  7. APU
    • Electrical power to 41,000
    • Bleed air to 17,000
    • Both to 10,000 
  8. Fuel System
    • 3 tanks
    • no.1 main -8630 lb
    • no2. main -8630 lb
    • Center -28,000 lb
    • Total : 46,063 lb 
  9. Passenger Cabin
    • 184 Pax one class
    • 160 Pax mixed class 
  10. Radio COM
    • VHF
    • HF Optional
    • Data Link 
  11. Flight Data Recorder
    25hr of last Operation 
  12. Normal Operations Checklists

    • SECURE Chekclists - FO challenges, CPT responds
    • AFTER TO, DESCENT-APP, LANDING Checklists - Pilot Not Flying PNF Challenges and responds
    • When a CL stops you say - HOLDING AT.... 
  13. Non-Normal Operations
    • Priority of Actions
    • 1) Control airplane
    • 2) Stop aural warning
    • 3) Examine the situation
    • 4) Reset master caution system
    • 5) Make sure steps completed correctly
    • 6) Start the checklist
    • 7) Say \"Checklist Complete\" 
  14. Fault Report Manuel FRM
    • Flight crew enters the fault description and fault code. Includes :
    • -Cabin faults, Observed faults, Front matter 
  15. Fault Insolation Manual FIM
    The maintenance crew uses FIM, to isolate and correct the faults 
  16. FRM
    Before using FRM , flight crew must do all the applicable non-normal checklist procedures 
  17. Systems Powered Externally
    Air condt. Pneumatic Syst. Electrical Syst. 
  18. Servicable Systems
    Crew Oxygen, IDG oil, Engine oil, Fuel, Hydraulic, Potable Water, waste water, APU oil 
  19. Ground Handling Systems
    All landing gear downlock pins must be installed when parked or towed. The nose landing gear steering must be depressurized before towing. 
  20. External ELEC Power
    115V 400Hz for aircraft systems, 115V 60Hz for cabin systems 
  21. Engine Oil Servicing
    The reservoir servicing can be done between 5-30 mins after engine shutdown. (Reserv. on the right side of eng cowling)IDG is on the left side of eng cowling 
  22. Fuel Servicing
    737 Fueled and defueled at the single-point station on the right wing 
  23. Ground Handling
    Nose wheel steering is depressurised with the towing lever. Downlock pins are ery important. 
  24. Air Conditioning
    • Have 2 Packs, same type. Even one would be enough for cabin by itself.
    • Warm air from bleed air -> Heat Exchangers -> Air Cycle Machine 
  25. Air Condt - Pack Operations
    • The ram air doors are fully open while on ground and during slow flight with flaps extended. (For heat exchange)
    • It has own light illumination on air condt panel 
  26. Pack Temp Control Valve
    To control the bleed air that goes into pack, you use the pack switches on air condt panel 
  27. Air Conditioning 
    • The air from left pack first goes to the Flight Deck and rest goes to mix manifold.
    • The air from right pack goes to mix manifold.
    • From the mix manifold air goes to FWD and AFT Pax cabin
  28. Temperature Control - Air Condt
    • Temperature control of 3 zones : Flight deck, FWD and AFT
    • Pax cabin
    • Trim air sys uses warm bleed air from upstream of the pack to warm up pack air for related zones 
  29. EQP Cooling System
    Supply fan collects the cool air from Pax cabin and supllies it to cocpit displays and E&E bayExhaust fan collects the warm air from cocpit displays, CBs and E&E bay. On the GND its open and discards warm air. During flight it sends the warm air to cargo bay 
  30. Air Condt Non-Normal Operations
    If downstream air temp from packs is too high we see the illumination : ZONE TEMP on the related Temp Controller/ We choose a colder selection and chechk the temperature change 
  31. Pressurization System
    -Has an outflow valve on aft fuselage-2 digital cabin press. controllers in E&E bay-Adjust the cruise and landing ALT on overhead Press Panel before T/O
  32. Pressurization System Non-Normal Ops
    -Off-Schedule Descent-Diversion to Alternate Airport-Single controller failure-Dual cont fail-Cabin ALT higher then limits 
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