New English Words

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  1. Gloomy
    Gloomy means "dark and dreary." A cloudy day, a sad song about lost love, your downbeat mood after your team loses a big game — all of these can be called gloomy.

    Gloomy = Sombrio.

    > Back at the race course in Scone, many people told me they know that compared to other countries, things are not too gloomy.
  2. Stark
    • Stark means "complete or extreme," like the stark contrast between your music taste — punk and weird metal — and your mom's, with all her 1950's doo-wop favorites.
    • Very obvious.

    Stark = Forte, Rígido.

    • >The room was decorated with stark simplicity.
    • >This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of drunk driving.
  3. Ghastly
    • Very shocking or horrible.
    • Very bad.

    Ghastly = Medonho.

    >An entire generation were robbed of their education by Sierra Leone's ghastly, decade-long civil war.
  4. Somber
    Funerals are often somber affairs. Also your face after your teacher hands back an exam you failed. Somber is used to describe situations, facial expressions, or moods that are dark, gloomy, or depressing.

    Somber = Sombrio.

    > Her death put us in a somber mood.
  5. Puppies
    • The plural of puppy.
    • A  young dog.

    Puppies = Cachorrinhos, filhotes.

    > Our dog just had four puppies.
  6. Reaper
    The noun reaper refers to a person who harvests crops. If your part-time job involves harvesting corn by hand, then you're a reaper.Reaper can also refer to a piece of farm equipment used to harvest crops, especially grains.

    Obs.: Grim Reaper - death

    Reaper = Ceifeiro.
  7. Drizzly
    Drizzle - rain that falls lightly in very small drops.

    • Drizzle = Garoa
    • Drizzly = Chuvoso, Serenando.

    > Yes, it's raining, but it's only a drizzle.
  8. Dismay
    If you discover late Sunday night that the dog really did eat your homework, you might cry out in dismay. Dismay describes an emotional state of alarm, fear, or serious disappointment.

    Dismay = Desânimo.

    > Her choice of career dismays her parents.
  9. Despair
    Despair is the feeling of not having any hope left. If you just found out that you're having a test in math and you hadn't studied at all, you might feel despair, or despair of any hope that you can pass it.

    Despair = Desespero, Aflição.

    > Things look bad now, but don't despair.
  10. Make do
    Come to terms with. Be satisfied.

    Make do = Se contentar, Concordar.

    > They made do on half a loaf of bread every day.
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