22. A date

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  1. know the type of thing/person you want for a particular purpose
    have sg/sb in mind- forgat a fejében valamit
  2. try to do sg or a lot of things in a short space of time
    rush around/round -
  3. feeling anxious and under pressure
    (all) hot and bothered -
  4. anxious and worried. You deliberately do or say sg to make them angry or upset
    wound up -
  5. meet sb at their home in order to take them somewhere. You go in your car to collect sb from their home or another place.
    • call for sb- érte jön/megy
    •                  hozat
  6. a lot of sg
    • bags of sg - rengeteg valami
    •                     egész csomó vmi
  7. talk in a relaxed way
    chat away - elbeszélget
  8. find the time to do sg
    get round to (doing) sg - sort kerít rá
  9. used to say you think sg may be true but there may be facts you do not know.
    as far as I can/could tell - amennyire meg tudom ítélni
  10. a meeting between two people who have never met to spend some time together and see if a romantic relationship develops
    blind date - vakrandi
  11. make sb notice and admire you
    make an impression (on sb) - mély benyomást kelt
  12. be very nervous
    be a bundle/bag of nerves - méregzsák
  13. stop being unhappy, upset, etc.
    snap out of it - abbahagy, kivágja magát vmiből
  14. be less shy and more confident with people
    come out of your shell - bújj ki a csigaházadból
  15. and similar things
    • and the like - és még hasonlók
    •                       és így tovább
  16. a period of time passes very quickly
    • fly by - az idő vasfoga elrepült felettünk :)
    • flash by
  17. be likely to happen
    • be on the cards - könnyen lehet
    •                             nagyon úgy fest
  18. I found him so attractive that I watched him all the time
    I couldn't take my eyes off him - nem tudta a szemét levenni róla
  19. I couldn't look at her directly because I was embarrassed or ashamed
    I couldn't look her in the eye - nem tudott a szemébe nézni
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