23. Familiy wedding

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  1. ask sb to marry you
    pop the question - megkéri a kezét
  2. there is no limit to what sb can spend, achieve, etc.
    the sky the limit - a határ a csillagos ég
  3. (of clothes) made to a standard size and not made especially for you
    • off the peg - kész ruha
    •                      szegről leakasztott
  4. e.g. computer software, can be bought immediately and is not designed or made especially for you.
    off the shelf -
  5. refuse to accept a suggestion or an offer
    won't/wouldn't hear of sg - hallani sem akar róla
  6. it costs a great deal of money
    break the bank - bankot robbant
  7. (of an organized event) happen in a particular way
    go off -
  8. it happened and nothing went wrong
    it went without a hitch - zökkenőmentesen ment
  9. ask people to wish sb happiness and success by raising their glasses and drinking
    • propose toast (to sb) - felköszönt vkit, pohárköszöntőt mond
    • raise your glass to sb - emelem poharam
  10. (speak) on a very sincere way
    • (speak) from the heart - szívből
    • from the bottom of your heart - a szíved mélyéből
  11. Your emotions are too strong to control, and you behave in a way that you do not want to
    get the better of sb - fölébe kerekedik
  12. make sb stop talking or making a noise
    shut sb up - fogd be
  13. about sg for a long time in a boring way
    go on and on (about sg) - unos untalan
  14. in a very positive way
    • in glowing terms - ragyogó kilátások
    • are singing their praises - vmi dicséretét zengi
  15. an additional thing that makes a good situation even better
    the icing on the cake - hab a tortán
  16. lose control of your emotions and start crying
    break down (in tears) - könnyekben tör ki
  17. a very important day
    big day - nagy nap
  18. made me feel very happy
    made my day - ez az én napom
  19. it's a very unusual or special event
    it's not every day - nem mindennapos
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