24. Reunions

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  1. used to emphasize how bad/good/exciting sg is
    • there's nothing worse/better etc. - nincs is jobb annál
    • Nincs annál rosszabb
  2. forced to do sg for legal or moral reasons
    • under an obligation to do sg - köteles megtenni
    • under no obligation to do sg - nem köteles megtenni
  3. used to say you wouldn't do a particular thing or go to a particular place because it would be embarrassing
    I wouldn't be seen dead... -
  4. make sb show their best/worst qualities
    bring out the best/worst in sb - a legjobbat hozza ki valakiből
  5. decide to do sg difficult or important after thinking about it for a long time
    • take the plunge - fejest ugrik
    •                             megteszi a döntő lépést
  6. speak or write to sb, especially after a long time
    • get in touch (with sb) - kapcsolatban van
    •                                      érintkezésbe lép
  7. being in a group makes you safer or makes you feel more confident
    there is safety in numbers -
  8. have a lot of fun
    • have a whale of a time - remekül szórakozik
    • csudajól mulat
  9. find out about things that have happened
    catch up (with sb or with/on sg) - felzárkózik, utolér
  10. used to encourage sb to do sg or try very hard
    go for it! - küzdj meg érte
  11. you should try sg because even if it fails, it will not make your situation any worse
    have (got) nothing to lose - nincs semmi vesztenivalója
  12. used when sb arrives and you are surprised
    look who's here! - nézd csak ki van ott!
  13. (of a person) look very good or very attractive
    look a million dollars - úgy néz ki, mint 1 millió dollár
  14. be nearly 40,50, etc.
    be pushing 40,50, etc. - 40, 50 körüli, nyomja a...-t
  15. used to say that sth makes sb seem much older than they are
    • put years on sb -
    • take years off sb -
  16. used to tell sb to look at sb else, but not immediately because you don't want that person to know you are discussing them
    don't look now - ne most nézz oda
  17. be happy when sb leaves because you do not like them
    be glad to see the back of sb - örülök, hogy a hátát látom
  18. be very thin in an unattractive or unhealthy way
    be (all) skin and bones - csupa csont és bőr
  19. begin to have an effect on sb
    catch up with sb -
  20. stay healthy physical condition
    • keep in trim - jó karban van
    • be out of shape - nincs formában
  21. used to emphasize that two people are not having a romantic relationship
    just (good) friends - csak jó barátok
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