Western Civilization-people

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  1. Edward II
    Son of a good king and father of a good king; considered a poor king who was murdered by his wife
  2. Hugh Capet
    first king of france
  3. Emma of Normandy
    wife of Ethelred and Canute. Accused of murder by her son but passed a trial of orderal
  4. Henry II
    First Plantagenet king. fell inl love with the married queen of france
  5. Matilda
    Wife of William the conqueror
  6. Edward the Confessor
    This English king saw his father murdered, his mother married to his father's killer, and his half-brother named co-ruler of England. promised his throne to William of Normandy
  7. Ethelred The Unready
    He was unprepared for a viking attack
  8. William of Normandy (the conqueror)
    Duke of Normandy conquered England in 1066 by winning the battle of hastings
  9. canute
    wiking king who killed ethelred
  10. Richard I
    Son of Eleanor and henry II fought in the 3rd crusade
  11. Alfred the great
    considered by many historians to be the first king of england
  12. Thomas a'becket
    archbishop of Canterbury, killed at his prayers
  13. isabella
    queen of spain who married Ferdinand of aragon conquered Granada 1492
  14. Eleanor of aquitaine
    beautiful queen of franve married henry II and plotted against him
  15. Edward I
    Called long shanks the king attempted to conquer the clans of Scotland, fought William wallave and fathered weak son
  16. clovis
    Frankish king whop converted to Christianity and began the Merovingian dynasty
  17. john I
    English king who signed the magna carta the first and the last of this name in the English monarchy
  18. charlesĀ martel (the hammer)
    Frankish mayor of the palace who defeated the muslims in the battle of tours
  19. pepin the short
    frankish mayor of the palace who killed the last Merovingian king and established the Carolingian dynasty
  20. Charlemange
    Carolingian ruler who est. the Holy Roman Empire considered one of the greatest rulers of history
  21. pope urban II
    this pope called the crusades in 1095
  22. peter the hermit
    german peasant who led the peasants crusade
  23. joan of arc
    young peasant girl from france who led French troops during the hundred years war
  24. Richard III
    Englsih king (York) who was defeated in the war of the roses at the battle of Bosworth field; accused of murdering his two young nephews
  25. henry VII
    Lancaster relative who killed the last York king at the battle of Bosworth field. est the tudor dynasty
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