25. football match

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  1. a player who is ... for a match is a substitute
    on the beach - cserejátékos?
  2. take a risk with sg/sb, hoping you will be successful
    gamble on sg/sb - szerencsét próbál
  3. (of a plan or action) be successful and bring good results
    pay off - beválik
  4. treat sb/sg as unimportant
    • brush sb/sg aside - mellőz
    •                                 félresöpör
    •                                 elhessent
  5. start to perform well against a team that has been in the lead
    • hit back - visszavág
    •                 visszaüt
    • return match - visszavágó
  6. having a chance of success; in a position to win sg
    in contention (for sg) -
  7. an event is postponed because of rain
    rained off - esőnap
  8. gradually get closer to sb you are competing with
    • gain ground (on sb) - elterjed
    •                                    tért hódít
  9. a lot more to do before you are successful
    • a long way to go - hosszú út áll előtte
    • nagy utat kell megtennie
  10. less good than usual or expected
    • below par - nívón/átlagon aluli
    • nem érzi jól magát
  11. about the same level/standard as...
    • on a par with... - egyenrangú
    • azaonos színvonalon álló
  12. allow sb to get out of a difficult situation
    let sb off the hook - hagy megúszni
  13. make a big effort to achieve sg
    • go all out for sg - minden követ megmozgat
    • minden erejével azon van
  14. near enough to reach or attack sb/sg or to achieve sg
    within striking distance (of sb/sg) - közvetlen közelben
  15. use all your effort
    dig deep - teljes erőbedobás
  16. work hard to achieve or oppose sg, especially in a situation where you are losing
    fight back - véd, leküzd
  17. compete equally against sb, especially sb stronger than you, in a competition or difficult situation
    • hold your own (against sb) - állja a sarat
    • ragaszkodik a magáéhoz
  18. lose a fight, competition, etc, or suffer more compared with others
    come off worse - rosszul végződött
  19. have some/no chance of being successful in sg
    • be in/out of the running (fot sg) - nincs esélye
    • szóba sem jön
  20. no longer understand a situation or how to deal with it
    • lose the plot - elhagyta a térképet
    •                        elvesztette a fonalat
  21. The player team try less hard
    It becomes less strong
    • eases off - esik
    •                   fél gőzzel dolgozik
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