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  1. Abierto/a
    Open  (as in a store)
  2. Abrir
    to open
  3. acabar de
    to have just done something
  4. Aceptar
    to accept
  5. Acerca
  6. Acostar  (o-ue)
    to put to bed, to lay down
  7. Además
    besides, in addition, moreover
  8. Aferrar
    to grasp, to clutch
  9. Afuera
    out, outside
  10. Algo
    Something, anything
  11. Alguien
    Someone, somebody, anyone
  12. Alguna vez
    once, sometime
  13. Alguno (a/os/as)
    Some, any
  14. Ahí
  15. Ahorrar
    to save  (money, time)
  16. Alegre
    cheerful, happy
  17. Allí
    Over there
  18. Allá
    way over there
  19. Almorzar
    to eat lunch
  20. Andar
    to walk
  21. Aquí
  22. Apagar
    to extinguish, to put out, turn off
  23. el apellido
    Last name
  24. aplaudir
    to applaud, clap
  25. Aprender
    to learn
  26. Así
    so, like that
  27. Asistir
    to attend
  28. Aunque
    although, even if, even though
  29. Ayudar
    to help
  30. bajar
    to do down, decrease
  31. barrer
    to sweep
  32. Bastar
    to be enough, to suffice
  33. Bastante
    sufficient, enough, quite
  34. la basura
    the trash, garbage
  35. borrar
    to delete, to erase
  36. Cada
  37. Caer
    to fall
  38. Calentar   (e-ie)
    to heat up, to warm up
  39. Calzado
  40. Cambiar
    to change
  41. el cambio
    the change
  42. Caminar
    to walk 
  43. el camión
    the truck
  44. Cansado
  45. Capturar
    to capture, to seize, to arrest
  46. la carta
    the letter, mail
  47. Casado/a
  48. Casar
    to marry
  49. Casi
  50. Casi nunca
    almost never
  51. Casi siempre
    almost always
  52. Cerrado (/a)
    closed, not open  (as in a store)
  53. Cerrar
    to close
  54. el césped
    the lawn
  55. Comenzar
    to begin
  56. Como
    as, like
  57. Compartir
    to share
  58. Conducir
    to guide, lead
  59. Conmigo
    with me   
  60. Conocido/a
    well known, acquaintance
  61. Conseguir
    to get, to obtain
  62. Contar
    to count; to tell, relate, give accounting of
  63. Contigo
    with you
  64. Conocer
    to know, to be acquainted with, to meet
  65. Contestar
    to answer 
  66. Correr
    to run
  67. Cortar
    to cut
  68. Corto
    short length
  69. cosa
  70. coser
    to sew
  71. Creer
    to believe
  72. Cuadrado/a
  73. el cuarto
    the room
  74. Cualquier (/a)
    Whichever, whatever
  75. Cubrir
    to cover
  76. la cuenta
    the bill/check, account
  77. el cuento
    the story, tale, fiction
  78. Cuidar
    to take care of, to look after
  79. Dar
    to give
  80. De
    of (possession), from (origin)
  81. Deber
    to owe; must, should, ought to
  82. Dejar
    to leave something/someone behind, to let/allow, to quit
  83. Dejar de
    to quit something, stopped  
  84. Demás
    the rest of, the other(s)
  85. Demasiado
    too much
  86. Dentro
  87. Deporte
  88. Deprisa
  89. Descansar
    to rest, relax
  90. desconocido/a
    unknown, stranger
  91. descubrir
    to discover
  92. Desde
    from, since (as in time)
  93. Desear
    to desire, wish
  94. Despacio
  95. Despedir
    to say goodbye, to emit, to get rid of
  96. Despegar
    to take off (plane), to unstick
  97. Despertar   (e-ie)
    to wake up
  98. Después
    after, afterwards
  99. Desvestir   (e-i)
    to undress
  100. Detrás
    after, behind, in back of
  101. Devolver
    to give back, to hand back
  102. Dibujar
    to draw 
  103. Disfrutar
    to enjoy
  104. Dividir
    to divide, to split
  105. Doler
    to hurt, to ache
  106. el dolor
    the pain
  107. doloroso/a
  108. Dónde está...?
    Where is....?
  109. Dormir
    to sleep
  110. el efectivo
    the cash
  111. Empezar
    to start, to begin
  112. el empleado
    the employee
  113. En
    In, on
  114. Encender
    to burn, to light on fire
  115. Encontrar
    to find, to meet up with    
  116. el enemigo
    the enemy
  117. Enfermos
  118. Enojado
  119. Enseñar
    to teach, to show
  120. Entender
    to understand   
  121. Entonces
  122. Entregar
    to deliver
  123. Enviar
    to send
  124. la escalera
    the stairs, the ladder
  125. esconder
    to hide
  126. Esperar
    to wait for;  to hope for
  127. Estacionar
    to park
  128. Este
    This, East
  129. Explicar
    to explain
  130. Extrañar
    to miss, to surprise, to find strange or not used to
  131. Fingir
    to fake, to pretend
  132. Firmar
    to sign
  133. Fuerte
  134. Gastar
    to spend (money)
  135. Gritar
    to shout, yell
  136. los guantes
    the gloves
  137. Guapo
  138. Guardar
    to keep, to put away, to store, to obey
  139. Habia
    there was, there were
  140. Haber
    to have done something, to exist
  141. Hacer
    to make, to do
  142. Halar
    to haul, to pull
  143. Hasta donde
    How far, as far as
  144. Hay
    There is/ There are
  145. la herramienta
    the tool
  146. la historia
    the history, accounting, non-fiction story
  147. la hoja
    the leaf
  148. Hoy
  149. Hubo
    you/he/she had  
  150. el hueso
    the bone
  151. Ir
    to go
  152. el juego
    the game
  153. Juego  (verb)
    I play
  154. Jugar
    to play
  155. Junto
    together, next to, alongside
  156. el lado
    the side (location), place
  157. Lástima
    shame, pity
  158. la lata
    the can  (tin can)
  159. Lavar
    to wash
  160. Lento
  161. los lentes
    the eyeglasses
  162. Levantar
    to raise, to lift
  163. Limpiar
    to clean
  164. la lista
    the list
  165. Listo
    ready; smart/clever
  166. la llamada
    the call (telephone)
  167. la llave
    the key
  168. llegar
    to arrive
  169. llenar
    to fill
  170. Lleno
  171. llevar
    to carry, to take/transport; to wear
  172. llover
    to rain
  173. llorar
    to cry
  174. Luego
    then, after
  175. el lugar
    the place, the occassion
  176. Manejar
    to drive, operate, control
  177. Más
  178. Medir   (e-i)
    to measure
  179. Menos
  180. los mensajes
    the messages
  181. Mentir
    to lie
  182. a menudo
  183. Meter
    to put inside, to place inside, to insert
  184. Mientras
    While, in the meantime
  185. Mirar
    to look at
  186. mojado/a
  187. molestar
    to disturb, annoy, bother
  188. Morder  (o-ue)
    to bite
  189. la mosca
    the fly
  190. Mostrar
    to show
  191. Nacer   (c-zc)
    to be born
  192. Nada
    Nothing, not anything
  193. Nadie
    No one, nobody, not anyone
  194. Necesitar
    to need
  195. Ni....Ni
  196. Ninguno (/a/os/as)
    neither one, none, not any
  197. nublado/a
    cloudy, overcast
  198. Nuevemente
    to do something again, newly
  199. Nunca
  200. O
  201. Ocupado
  202. Ocurrir
    to occur, to happen
  203. Oír
    to hear
  204. Oler
    to smell
  205. Olvidar
    to forget
  206. Ojalá que
    Hopefully, to express a wish
  207. Ordenar
    to order, to tidy up, to sort out
  208. Otra (/a)
    Other, Another
  209. Otra vez
    another time, again
  210. ovalado/a
  211. Pagar
    to pay
  212. Parar
    to stop, halt
  213. Pararse
    to stand oneself up
  214. Pasar
    to pass, pass by, pass on; to spend time, to happen
  215. el paso
    step, pace
  216. el pasto
    the grass
  217. el pedazo
    the piece
  218. Pedir
    to ask for something, to request, to order     
  219. una pelea
    a fight, a quarrel
  220. Pensar
    to think
  221. Pensar +inf
    to indicate plans or intentions
  222. Peor
  223. Perder
    to lose (something)
  224. el peso
    the weight
  225. Pesado
  226. Pintar
    to paint
  227. Poder
    to be able, can
  228. Podria
    I might, I could
  229. Poner
    to put, to place
  230. Pequeño
    small size
  231. Poderoso/a
  232. Poquito
    small quantity, very little, few
  233. el popote
    the straw
  234. Por eso
    because of that, therefore
  235. Por supuesto
    of course
  236. Porque
  237. Preferir
    to prefer
  238. Preguntar
    to ask a question
  239. la pregunta
    the question
  240. Prender
    to turn on
  241. el presente
    the present time
  242. un préstamo
    a loan
  243. Prestar
    to lend/loan, to provide (a service)
  244. Probar   (o-ue)
    to taste, to test/try/prove
  245. Prometer
    to promise
  246. la propina
    the tip, gratuity
  247. un puente
    a bridge
  248. pues
    well, then, therefore
  249. una pulgada
    an inch
  250. ¿Qué?
  251. ...que...
  252. ...lo que...
  253. Quedar  (me quedo)
    to stay; to remain, to be left  (I stay); to be located
  254. Quitar
    to remove
  255. la rama
    the branch (of a tree)
  256. un rato
    a while
  257. a cada rato
    all the time, constantly
  258. rato
    while, time
  259. Recibir
    to receive, to welcome/greet
  260. Recordar
    to remember, remind
  261. redondo/a
  262. el regalo
    the gift
  263. Reir
    to laugh
  264. Responder
    to answer
  265. la respuesta
    the answer
  266. Regresar
    to return, go back
  267. Romper
    to break
  268. Saber
    to know as in facts and ‘to know how to'
  269. Sacar
    to take, to take out   
  270. la sala
    room, meeting hall, auditorium
  271. la salida
    exit, output
  272. Salir
    to leave a place/exit, to go out
  273. la sangre
  274. Seguir
    to follow, to continue, to pursue
  275. Sentar 
    to sit
  276. Sentir
    to feel, regret
  277. Si
  278. Siempre
  279. Sobre
    1) On, above, or over in the sense of location.  2) About as in the sense of 'concerning' or 'with regard to'.
  280. Sólo/solamente
  281. Solo (/a/os/as)
  282. Sonar  (o-ue)
    to sound, to ring
  283. Soñar   (o-ue)
    to dream
  284. Sorprender
    to surprise, to catch
  285. Subir
    to go up, climb, rise; to life up, raise up
  286. Sufrir
    to suffer; to undergo, experience, put up with       
  287. También
    Also, too
  288. Tampoco
    neither / not..either
  289. Tan
    so, as
  290. Tal vez
  291. la tarea
    task, assignment, homework
  292. Temprano
  293. Tener que
    to have to
  294. Terminar
    to finish, to end
  295. la tienda
    store, shop
  296. el tiempo
    time, weather
  297. Tirar
    To throw, hurl; to pull; to shoot, fire
  298. la tiza
  299. Tocar
    to touch, to play (instrument)
  300. Todavía
    still, yet
  301. todo
  302. todos
  303. todo el mundo
    everybody, everyone
  304. Tomar
    to take, to drink
  305. el toque
    the touch, tap, ring (sound)
  306. Torcer  (o-ue)
    to twist
  307. Traer
    to bring, to take something
  308. Tratar
    to try to, to treat, to have dealings with
  309. Usar
    to use
  310. Ya
    Already, now
  311. ya no
    not now, no longer
  312. ya que
    since, now that
  313. Vaciar   (i-í)
    to empty
  314. Vacio
  315. el vecino
    the neighbor
  316. Venir
    to come
  317. Ver
    to see
  318. Vestir
    to dress
  319. Vez
    time, turn
  320. a veces
    at times
  321. una vez
    one time, once
  322. Viajar
    to travel, to go on a trip
  323. la vida
    the life
  324. Visto
    seen, viewed
  325. Vivar
    to live
  326. Volar
    to fly
  327. Volver
    to return, go back
  328. Volver a +inf
    to do something again
  329. A la derecha
    to the right
  330. A la izquierda
    to the left
  331. Al lado de
    beside, next to
  332. Alrededor de
  333. Cerca de
  334. Debajo de
    under, below
  335. Delante de
    in front of
  336. Dentro de
    inside of
  337. Desde
  338. Detrás de
    behind, in back of
  339. Encima de
    on top of, above
  340. Entre
  341. esquina
  342. Fuera de
    outside of
  343. Frente a
    opposite, facing, across from
  344. Lejos
    far away
  345. ¿Cuándo?
  346. ¿Dónde?
  347. ¿Adónde?
    Where to?
  348. ¿De dónde?
    From where?
  349. ¿Cuánto?  (/a)
    How much?
  350. ¿Cuántos?  (/as)
    How many?
  351. ¿Por qué?
  352. ¿Cómo?
  353. ¿Cuál?
  354. ¿Cuáles?
    Which ones?
  355. ¿Quién?
  356. ¿Quiénes?
  357. ¿Hay?
    Is there? or Are there?
  358. dar con (something/someone)
    to run into, to meet, to find something/somone.   (phrase)
  359. dar un paseo
    to take a walk, to take a ride  (phrase)
  360. dar una vuelta
    to take a walk, to take a ride  (phrase)
  361. Déjame terminar
    let me finish
  362. eso es todo
    that is all
  363. hay que
    one has to (more general phrase than 'I have to')
  364. hubo uno
    there was one  (phrase)
  365. para llevar
    (food) to go
  366. a pesar de
    in spite of, despite  (phrase)
  367. sin embargo
    however (phrase)
  368. sobre todo
    especially, above all  (phrase)
  369. tener cuidado
    to be careful  (phrase)
  370. Tener ganas de
    to feel like   (phrase)
  371. tener muchas ganas de
    to really want to
  372. tener lugar
    to take place  (phrase)
  373. Tener miedo de
    to be afraid of   (phrase)
  374. Tener prisa
    to be in a hurry   (phrase)
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