28. Crime

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  1. at a time of day when it is not dark or beginning to get dark (often used when you are surprised to see sg at this time of day)
    in broad daylight
  2. be looking carefully for sb/sg in order to find them
    be on the lookout for sb/sg
  3. use violence to steal from a shop, bank, etc.
    hold sg up
  4. hide while waiting to surprise, attack, or catch sb
    lie in wait (for sb)
  5. while being threatened with a gun
    at gunpoint
  6. steal sg and hurry away with it in order to escape
    make off with sg
  7. coming soon after or following sg
    in the wake off sg
  8. try harder to prevent an illegal activity and deal severely with those caught doing the activity
    • crack down (on sg/sb)
    • crackdown
  9. having or owning sg, often sg that is illegal or important
    in possession of sg
  10. stop a bad situation from becoming worse by taking action at an early stage of its development
    nip sg in the bud
  11. officially accuse sb of committing a crime
    press charges
  12. prove that sb did not do sg that they were accused of
    clear sb's name
  13. make a law, rule, or system more strict
    tighten sg up
  14. begin to take action sb who is attacking or criticizing you, or sg you think is undesirable
    go on the offensive
  15. be a bad influence on sb and make them do sg silly or criminal
    lead sb astray
  16. pretend to be else in order to find out secret information
    go/be under cover
  17. gradually stop using sg over time
    • phase sg out
    • phase sg in
  18. give sg a warning or secret information
    • tip sb off
    • tip-off
  19. increasing (as above), or improving
    on the top
  20. no longer believed to be guilty of sg bad or illegal
    in the clear
  21. start behaving in a more moral and responsible way
    clean up your act
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