29. Demonstration

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  1. the number of people who attend an event
    • turnout
    • turn out
  2. a crowd... consists of many different types of people
    from all walks of life
  3. work together to achieve sg
    join/combine forces
  4. (with adverbial phrase) move or get to a particular place
    make your way
  5. officially ask sb or an organizaiton to do sg
    call on sb to do sg
  6. stop sg happening
    bring/put an end to sg
  7. cover the windows or door of a building with wooden boards to protect it or stop sb entering
    board sg up
  8. happen
    take place
    • go ahead
    • go-ahead
  9. as it actually happened (used especially when things didn't happen as expected)
    in the event
  10. take place and be completed  in a particular way
    • pass off
    • go off
  11. make a group of people leave a place or stop doing sg
    break sg up
  12. support and defend sb/sg
    stand up for sb/sg
  13. admit that you are wrong or have lost an argument
    back down (on sg)
  14. continue doing sg in a determined way
    press ahead (with sg)
  15. create a situation which makes it easier for sg to happen
    pave the way (for sg)
  16. a protest in which people sit down and refuse to leave a place until their demands are listened to
    • sit-in
    • sit in
  17. stop people from getting into an area by surrounding it with the police or by putting a barrier round it
    cordon sg off
  18. (often passive) surround sb with a fence
    Restrict sb's freedom
    • fence sb in
    • hem sb in
  19. stop a machine, business, etc. from operating
    • shut sg down
    • shutdown
  20. you succeed in communicating with other people
    get your message accross (to sb)
  21. tell a lot of people about something
    spread the word
  22. keep it secret
    • put the word out about sg
    • keep sg to yourself
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