30. Politics

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  1. be criticized severely for sg you have done
    come/be under fire
  2. fast/slow in reacting to a situation
    quick/slow off the mark
  3. seem reasonable or logical (used mainly a negative sense)
    add up
  4. say a name, number, etc. without giving it any thought
    pluck sg out of the air
  5. gain a further advantage for yourself from a situation
    capitalize on sg
  6. stop a bad situation from getting worse
    stop the rot
  7. describe or discuss sg in a way that makes it sound better than it is
    talk sg up
  8. (of two people or groups) level with each other in a race or competition
    neck and neck
  9. used to a state a basic truth after everything has been discussed and considered
    in the final analysis
  10. a situation or problem simplify one thing, thet thing is the main point in the situation, or the main cause of the problem
    boil down to sg
  11. a bitter argument between groups over a period of time
    a war of words
  12. make necessary changes or improvements in your business, way of life etc.
    put your house in order
  13. refuse to change on opinion, decision, etc.
    not give/budge/move an inch
  14. join others in doing or saying sg that is popular and fashionable in order to make yourself popular
    jump/climb on the bandwagon
  15. treat sb as if their behaviour is honest or correct, even thorught you are not certain that it is
    give sb the benefit of the doubt
  16. (often used the media) be given the opportunity to do sg to enjoy, especially when it causes trouble for sb else
    have a field day
  17. sg is likely to continue for a long time
    run and run
  18. be a good/bad  sign for sb/sg
    bode well/ill for sb/sg
  19. literally is an arranged telephone call to wake you up at a particular time
    Metaphorically, it is an event that makes you realize there is a problem that must be tackled
    a wake up call
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