31. Conflict

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  1. its future is uncertain
    hang in the balance
  2. Something of future is uncertain
    hang in the balance
  3. (of two people or groups) be involved in a dispute or argument to which there is no obvious souliton
    • be locked in battle/dispute
    • be at loggerheads
  4. used to say that sb shouldn't do sg because it will cause problems
    can ill afford (to do) sg
  5. an action or decision allows a lot of things to happen that weren't previously possible
    open the floodgates (to sg)
  6. a great and urgent need for sg
    a crying need for sg
  7. make sb/sg available for a particular purpose
    free (sb/sg) up
  8. having ideas that are different from other people's
    out of step (with sb)
  9. refuse to change your opinion
    stand firm
  10. continue doing sg in a determined way
    • press on (with sg)
    • press ahead (with sg)
  11. (of two people or groups) be widely separated  in interests and ideas
    be poles apart
  12. reach partial agreement with sb, or give sb part of what they want
    meet sb halfway
  13. an argument that continues over a long period of time
    a running battle
  14. (of a member or members of a group) stop supporting the group of which you are a member
    break ranks
  15. agree with sb and support them in an argument
    side with sb
  16. be in a position where people can criticize or blame you
    be in the firing line
  17. force yourself to do sg difficult or unpleasant that you have been avoiding
    bite the bullet
  18. continue to have a particular opinion about sg even though others are saying that you are wrong
    stick to your guns
  19. try to do sg that will probably fail
    fight a losing battle
  20. be involved with two different or opposing groups
    have/keep a foot in both camps
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