33. Extreme weather

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  1. move forcefully and rapidly through sg
    rip through sg
  2. Become very strong and difficult to remove or stop
    Take a hold
  3. (of floods, a tornado, etc.) completely destroy sg
    Sweep sg away
  4. Cause a lot of damage, destruction, or confusion
    Wreak havoc (on sg)
  5. Become involved in sg undesirable
    Be/get caught up in sg
  6. Gradually accept a difficult or unpleasant situation
    Come to terms with sg
  7. Experiencing sg unpleasant that cannot be stopped
    In the grip of sg
  8. (of a roof, wall, etc.) collapse and fall
    Cave in (on sb/sg)
  9. Be killed
    • Lose your life
    • loss of life
  10. Move towards a place
    • Head for sg
    • make for sg
  11. Happen in a way that sb was not expecting and was not prepared for
    Catch sb unawares
  12. Slowly stop completely
    • Come to a standstill/halt
    • grind to a standstill/halt
  13. (of a driver or car) pull another car using a rope or chain
    Tow sb/sg away
  14. You only have a little left
    Run low
  15. In danger of sg unpleasant or harmful happening
    • At risk (of/from sg)
    • put lives at risk
  16. Be unable to leave a place because of heavy snow
    Be snowed in
  17. Be unable to leave a place or receive visitors or services from outside
    Be cut off
  18. Refuse to allow sb to enter a place
    Turn sb away
  19. For the period of time when you can predict what is going to happen, based on present cicumstances
    For the foreseeable future
  20. Happening very quickly and in large amounts or numbers
    Thick and fast
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