34. Communicators

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  1. understand, absorb, and remember new facts and information
    take sg in
  2. Be in conflict with sg; contradict sg
    Be at odds with sg
  3. Notice sg and perhaps react to it
    Pick up on sg
  4. So that sb is told only what they need to know and only when they need to know it
    On a need-to-know basis
  5. Annoy sb
    Get sb's back up
  6. Get sb's support or approval by persuading them you are right or sg is right
    Win sb over/round (to sg)
  7. Talk about what you really feel and think
    Open up (to sb)
  8. You give to people the information they need to understand a situation
    Put sb in the picture
  9. You continue to give to people the necessary information
    • Keep sb in the picture
    • keep sb posted (about/on sg)
  10. You understand a situation that sb is describing to you
    Get the picture
  11. Spend time thinking carefully about a plan or proposal
    Mull sg over
  12. Look for or discover a meaning that is suggested rather than actually stated
    Read between the lines
  13. Make known sg that sb wants to keep secret
    Give sg/sb away
  14. Allow sb to share a secret, or know what only a few people know
    let sb in on sg
  15. Understand sg in the wrong way
    Get (hold of) the wrong end of the sick
  16. (of an idea or a thought) come into sb's mind
    Occur to sb
  17. Used to say that sg makes no difference or is not important
    It makes no odds
  18. Tell sb sg, especially sg you have been keeping secret
    Let on (to sb about sg)
  19. You don't tell others about it
    Keep sg to yourself
  20. You don't tell them sg because you want to keep it secret from them
    Keep sb in the dark
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