Med Terms Chap 15

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  1. cervic-o
    Neck or cervix
  2. colp-o
    vagina (sheath)
  3. episi-o
    vulva (covering)
  4. gynec-o
  5. hyster-o
  6. lact-o
  7. mast-o
  8. men-o
  9. oophor-o
  10. ov-i
  11. pelv-i
    • pelvis (basin)
    • hip bone
  12. salping-o
    • uterine (fallopian) tube
    • ESTACHIAN tube
  13. toc-o
    labor or birth
  14. -arche
  15. D & C
    dilation and CURETTAGE
  16. C-section
    cesarean section
  17. GYN
  18. IUD
    intrauterine Device
  19. LMP
    last menstrual period
  20. OB
  21. PAP
    papanicolaou (smear)
  22. PID
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  23. PIH
    pregnancy-induced hypertension
  24. abortifacient
    • drug that cause abortion 
    • (mifepristone formally known as RU-486)
  25. abortion
    expulsion of the products of conception before the fetus is viable ( able to live outside the uterus)
  26. Adenocarcinoma of the Breast
    malignant tumor of grandular breast tissue
  27. amenorrhea
    absence of menstruation
  28. amniocentesis
    aspiration of a small amount of amniotic fluid for analysis of possible fetal abnormalities
  29. amniotic fluid
    fluid within the amniotic sac surrounds and protects the fetus
  30. amniotic sac
    innermost of the membrane surrounding the embryo in the uterus, filled with amniotic fluid
  31. areola
    dark-pigmented area around the nipple
  32. atrophic vaginitis
    thinning of the vagina and loss of moisture bc of depletion of estrogen, which causes inflammation of tissue
  33. augmentation mammoplasty
    reconstruction to enlarge the breast, often by insertion of an implant
  34. barrier contraceptives
    products that provide a physical barrier to prevent conception (condoms/diaphragms)
  35. carcinoma in situ of the cervix (CIS)
    malignant cell changes of the cervix that are localized, without any spread to adjacent structures
  36. cervical dusplasia
    potentially cancerous abnormality of epithelial tissue of the cervix, graded according to the extent of abnormal cell formation: CIN-1 mild dyplasia, CIN-2 moderate and CIN-3 severe
  37. cervical neoplasia
    abnormal development of cervical tissue cells
  38. Cervical Os
    opening of the cervix to the uterus
  39. cervix
    neck of the uterus
  40. cesarean section
    surgical delivery of a baby via an incision through the abdomen and into the uterus
  41. Chorionic Villus Sampling
    • CVS
    • sampling of placental tissue for microscopic and chemical examination to detect fetal abnormalities
  42. Clitoris
    female erectile tissue in the anterior protion of the vulva
  43. congenital anomalies
    • birth defects that cause abnormal development of an organ or a structure 
    • double uterus or absent vagina
  44. Contraceptive Injection
    • injection of a contraceptive hormone 
    • ex: Depo-provera
  45. contraceptive implant
    insertion of a contraceptive capsule under the skin to provide a continual infusion over an extended period
  46. cryosurgery
    • method of destroying tissue by freezing 
    • used for treating dysplasia and early cancers
  47. dilation and curettage
    • dilation of the cervix and scraping of the endometrium to control bleeding
    • to obtain tissue for biopsy
    • OR to remove polyps or products of conception
  48. dysmenorrhea
    painful mentruation
  49. dyspareunia
    • painful intercours
    • coitus
    • dys= painful
    • para= alongside of
    • eunia = bed
  50. eclampsia
    true toxemia of pregnancy characterized by high BP, albuminuria, edema of the legs & feet,  severe headaches, dizziness, convulsions, and coma
  51. ectopic pregnancy
    implantation of the fertilized egg outside the uterine cavity, often in the tube or ovary, rarely in the abdominal cavity
  52. embryo
    the developing organism from fertilization to the end of the 8th week
  53. endometriosis
    condition characterized by migration of portions of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity
  54. endometrium
    lining of the uterus, which is shed approximately every 28 to 30 days in a nonpregnant female during menstruation
  55. endovaginal sonogram
    transvaginal sonogram
    • ultrasound image of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries made with ultrasonic transducer with the vagina to detect conditions such as ectopic prengancy or miss abortion
    • Transvaginal sonogram
  56. episiotomy
    incision of the perineum to facilitate delivery of a baby
  57. estimated date of delivery
    • EDD
    • expected date for delivery of the baby
    • normally 280 days or 40 wks from LMP
  58. Fallopian Tubes
    • tubes extending from each side of the uterus toward the ovary that provide passage for ova to the uterus 
    • uterine tubes
  59. fetal monitoring
    use of and electronic device for simultaneous recording of fetal heart rate and uterine contractions
  60. fetus
    the developing organism from the 9th week to birth
  61. fibroid
    benign tumor in the uterus composed of SM and fibrous connective tissue
  62. fundus
    upper portion of the uterus above the entry to the uterine tubes
  63. Gravida
    • a pregnant woman
    • gravida followed by a number indicates the number of pregnancies
  64. Gynecomastia
    development of mammary glands in the male caused by altered hormone levels
  65. hormonal contraceptives
    hormones used to prevent conception by suppressing ovulation
  66. hymen
    fold of the mucous membrane that encircles that entrance to the vagina
  67. hyperemesis gravidarum
    severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy that can cause severe dehydration in the mother and fetus
  68. hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus
  69. IntraUterine Device
    • IUD
    • contraceptive device inserted into the uterus that prevents implantation of the fertilized egg
  70. Labia
    • folds of tissue on either side of the vaginal opening
    • known as the labia majora and labia minora
  71. lumpectomy
    • excision of a breast tumor w/o removing any other tissue or lymph nodes
    • usually followed by radiation or chemotherapy if the tumor is cancerous
  72. Macrosomia
    large-bodied baby commonly seen in diabetic pregnancies
  73. mammary glands
    2 glands in a female breasts that are capable of producing milk
  74. mammary papilla
  75. mammogram
    low-dose x-ray imaging of breast tissue to detect neoplasms
  76. mammoplasty
    surgical reconstruction of the breast
  77. mastectomy
    removal of breast
  78. mastitis
    • inflammation of the breast
    • most commonly occurs in women who are breastfeeding
  79. meconium
    intestinal discharges of the fetus that form the first stools in the newborn
  80. meconium aspirations
    fetal aspirations of amniotic fluid containing meconium
  81. menopause
    cessation of menstrual periods caused by lack of ovarian hormones
  82. menorrhagia
    excessive bleeding at the time of menstruation (menses)
  83. modified radical mastectomy
    removal of an entire breast and lymph nodes of the axilla
  84. multipara
    a woman who has given birth to 2 or more children
  85. myomectomy
    excision of fibroid tumors
  86. myometrium
    muscular wall of the uterus
  87. obstetric sonogram
    ultrasound image of the pregnant uterus to determine fetal development
  88. oophorectomy
    excision of an ovary
  89. oral contraceptive pill
    birth control pill
  90. ovarian cystectomy
    excision of an ovarian cyst
  91. ovary
    one of two gland located on each side of the pelvic cavity that produce ova and female sex hormones
  92. oxytocin
    • hormone secreted by pituitary gland that causes myometrial contractions
    • used to induce labor
  93. Papanicolaou Smear
    • Pap Smear
    • study of cells collected from the cervix to screen for cancer and other abnormalities
  94. para
    • to bear
    • a woman who has produced one or more viable offspring
    • para followed by a number indicates the number of times a pregnancy has resulted in a single or multiple birth
  95. pelvic inflammatory disease
    • PID
    • inflammation of organs in the pelvic cavity
    • usually includes the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and endometrium
    • most often caused by bacteria
  96. placenta
    • vascular organ that develops in the uterine wall during pregnancy to provide nourishment for the fetus
    • placenta = cake
  97. placenta previa
    displaced attachment of the placenta in the lower region of the uterine cavity
  98. preeclampsia
    Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
    • toxemia of pregnancy characterized by high BP, albumiburia, edema of legs and feet, and PUFFINESS of FACE w/o CONVULSION or COMA
    • pregnancy induced hypertension = PIH
  99. pregnancy test
    test preformed on urine or blood to detect the presence of hCG hormone (secreted by the placenta) which indicates pregnancy
  100. prolapse
    descent of the uterus down the vaginal canal
  101. radical mastectomy
    removal of the entire breast along with the underlying CHEST MUSCLES and AXILLARY LYMPH NODES
  102. Rectovaginal Fistula
    abnormal opening between the vagina and rectum
  103. reduction mammoplasty
    reconstruction to remove excessive breast tissue
  104. salpingectomy
    excision of a uterine tube
  105. salpingotomy
    • incision into a fallopian tube
    • often preformed to remove an ectopic pregnancy
  106. simple mastectomy
    removal of an entire breast but with the underlying MUSCLE and AXILLARY LYMPH NODES LEFT INTACT
  107. spermicidals
    creams, jellies, lotions, or foams containing agents that kill sperm
  108. spontaneous abortion
    • SAB
    • miscarriage
    • naturally occurring expulsion of the products of conception
  109. Therapeutic Abortion
    • TAB
    • abortion induced by mechanical means by drugs for medical reason
  110. Threatened Abortion
    bleeding with the threat of miscarriage
  111. tocolytic agent
    drug used to stop labor contractions
  112. total hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus and cervix
  113. tubal ligation
    sterilization of a woman by cutting and tying (ligating) the uterine tubes
  114. uterine tubes
    • tubes extending from each side of the uterus toward the ovary that provide passage for ova to the uterus
    • fallopian tubes
  115. uterus
    • womb
    • pear-shaped organ in the pelvic cavity in which the embryo and fetus develops
  116. vagina
    tubular passageway from the cervix to the outside the body
  117. vaginitis
    • inflammation of vagina with redness, swelling, and irritation 
    • often caused by a specific organism, such as candida (yeast) or Trichomonas (sexually transmitted parasite)
  118. vaginosis
    • infection of the vagina, with little or no inflammation, characterized by a milk-like discharge and an unpleasant odor
    • nonspecific vaginitis
  119. version
    manual method for reversing the position of the fetus, usually done to facilitate delivery
  120. vulva
    external genitalia of the female
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