Bacterial Toxins

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  1. Which bacteria has
    facilitates the entry of either edema factor or lethal fator (pa cell-binding domain)
    calmodulin-dependent adenylate cyclase; increases cAmp in target cells. has edema facor causing edema
    zinc-dependent protease that cleaves a host signal transduction molecule. Has a lethal facor and pulmonary edema; anti-phagocytic
    Bacillus anthracis
  2. Which bacteria has:
    Adenylat cyclase toxin causing antiphagocytic effects and inhibit and kill leukocytes by calmodulin-activated adenylate cyclase casuing an increas in target cell camp levels and decrease in atp produciton.
    pertussis toxin which has many hormonal effects through adp ribosylation of signal transucing g proteins blocks signal transduction
    tracheal cytotoxin which kills cillia-bearing cells
    Bordetella pertussis
  3. Which bacterial toxin has an enterotoxin that causes diarrhea through adp ribosyation of signal transducing proteins blocks signal transductig proteins blocks signal transduciton.
    Campylobacter jejuni
  4. Which bacterium has a botulin causing flaccid paralysis through the cleavage of neuromuscular presynaptic proteins blocking presynaptic junctions. This results in the decreased release of acetylcholine.
    clostridium botulinum
  5. Which bacterium has both an enterotoxin and a cytotoxin causing Hemorrhagic diarrhea through acting against the membrane and cells lose filaments, repectively.
    clostridium difficile
  6. Which bacterium has all three alpha and beta toxins and enterotoxin.
    alpha causes necrosis in gas gangrene; cytolytic; and lethal through phospholipase c
    beta toxin causes necrotic enteritis
    enterotoxin causes food poisoning and diarrhea through the cytotoxin damaging membranes.
    clostridium species
  7. Which bacterium causes tetanospasmin which causes spastic (rigid) paralysis by cleaving the synaptobrevin preventing the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid and glyicine from the synapses of inhibitory neurons.
    clostridium tetani
  8. Which bacterium causes diptheria toxin which has an effect on cytolysis and killing cells through adp ribosylation of elongation factor which results in the inhibition of protein synthesis
    corynebacterium diptheriae
  9. which bacterium has three enterotoxins
    Heat-labile enterotoxin which causes diarrhea through bieng similar to the cholera toxin
    cytotoxin which causes hemorrhagic colitis through inactivation of the 60s ribosome, thereby preventing protein synthesis.
    Heat-stable enterotoxinwhich causes diarrhea through activating the host guanylate cyclase
    escherichia coli
  10. which bacterium has a cytotoxin that causes cell death?
    listeria monocytogenes
  11. Which bacteria toxin has listriolysin that causes cell death through membrane damage, similar to streptolysin o.
    listeria monocytogenes
  12. Which bacteria has an Exotoxin A and type 3 cytotoxins which cause cell death and modulate host cell physiology through adp ribosylation which inhibits the protein synthesis and through inhibition of actin cytoskeleton.
    pseudomonas aeruginosa
  13. which bacteria causes a type 3 cytotoxin which modulates host cell physiology through altering the actin cytoskeleton.
    Salmonella enterica serovars.
  14. Which bacteria has shiga toxin (enterotoxin) that causes cell death which inactivates the 60s ribosome, thereby preventing protein synthesis.
    Shigella dysenteriae
  15. Which bacterium has alpha, beta, gamma, enterotoxins, tosix shock syndrome toxin, and exfoliative toxin?
    staphylococcus aureus
  16. which bacterium has pneumolysin which causes cytolysis similar to streptolysin o.
    streptococcus pneumonia
  17. which bacterium has streptolysin o which causes cytolysis through a pore forming toxin and erythrogenic toxin causin fever, neutropenia, rash associacted with scarlet fever
    streptococcus pyogenes
  18. Which bacterium has choleragen causing diarrhea or secretory diarrhea through adp ribosylation of adenylate cyclase which results in its activation which also resultsi n an increase in camp levels in a cell.
    vibrio cholera
  19. which bacterium has heat-stable enterotoxin wihch causes diarrhea through the activation of host guanylate cyclase and type 3 cytotoxin wich modulates host cell physiology by regulating the cytoskeleton.
    yersinia pestis
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