crashes police or other city vehicles

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  1. Should a department vehicle involved in a crash be moved
    no.. unless the vehicle is an obvious traffic hazard but it's position must be marked
  2. Who responds to accident scene.
    employee's supervisor unless unavailable then another supervisor can respond once employee supervisor notified. If a motor unit then motor sgt will respond or called out if of serious nature.
  3. who investigates an officer involved crash
    an accident investigator. If not available then an officer will investigate the crash
  4. When is legal adviser and risk management notified about a crash
    serious injury or death or police employee is DUI
  5. what does supervisor do on crash scene
    listed as additional investigating officer

    will turn in on scene report to captain depicting if accident was preventable or not
  6. What vehicle # are city vehicles listed as on crash report
    always vehicle 1
  7. How is crash report forwarded
    supervisor turns in to captain

    if captain concurs he forwards to accident review committee for final determination

    if crash involves motorcycle motors sgt and motorcycle training staff will review.
  8. what happens regarding citations to the person found at fault for accident.
    if citizen then accident investigator will issue citation if needed.

    If officer then it will be noted in report and citation issuance will be determined by District Major
  9. how is accident documented if subject intentionally rams or collides with police vehicle
    on offense report no traffic crash report is done.
  10. how is crash documented with non police vehicle involving fleeing vehicle
    unintentional crash on crash report. each one separate report

    intentional crash will be on offense report
  11. who handles crashes occurring outside of the city limits
    Reported by the appropriate jurisdiction. patrol supervisor will respond to determine severity of incident.

    Once scene supervisor report will accompany investigating agency report.
  12. How are damaged city vehicles transported
    Every crash vehicle will be towed to city garage
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