Ch 15. Medical terminology

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  1. Aden-
  2. Crin-
  3. Oophor-
  4. Orchi-
  5. acr-
  6. Carin-
  7. Opthalm-
  8. -centesis
    puncture to withdraw fluid
  9. -dispia
  10. -ism
    state of, condition
  11. -oid
  12. -osis
    abnormal condition
  13. -pexy
    surgical fixation
  14. -rrehexis
  15. ex-
  16. What is a gland?
    a group of cells work together to produce and secrete substances such as hormones
    • measure level of substance such as hormones in bloodstream
    • used to study function of endocrine glands
  18. corticosteroids
    • hormones secreted by adrenal cortex
    • has strong anti-inflammatory action
    • can treat severe chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
  19. Adrenal virilism
    deeper voice and facial hair in females

    caused by increased androgen secretion by adrenal cortex.
  20. cretinism
    • congenital condition that cause lack of thyroid hormones
    • cause poor physical & mental development
  21. Cushing syndrome
    • hyper secretion of adrenal cortex
    • can be product of adrenal gland┬átumor
    • symptoms: weakness, edema, excess hair growth, skin discolorations, osteoporosis
  22. adrenal feminization
    • male develops female sexual characteristics (such as breast)
    • results from increased estrogen secretion by adrenal cortex.
  23. diabetes insipidus (DI)
    • insufficient antidiuretic hormone secreted by posterior lobe of pituitary gland
    • symptoms: polyuria, polydispia
  24. Dwarfism
    • excessively short in height
    • can be from lack of growth hormone
  25. exophthalamus
    • eyeballs protrude such as in graves disease
    • commonly caused by hyper secretion of thyroid hormones
  26. goiter
    enlargement of the thyroid gland
  27. Graves disease
    • hypersecretion of thyroid hormones
    • cause exophthalmos and goiter
  28. Hashimoto disease
    • Chronic autoimmune disease form of thyroiditis
    • from hyper secretion of thyroid hormones
  29. hormone replacement therapy
    • replace hormones in patients with hyposecretion disorders
    • available in pills, injection, or adhesive skin patch forms
  30. insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
    • type 1
    • tends to develop early
    • pancreas stops producing insulin
    • can be autoimmune disease
    • must take insulin injections
  31. myxedema
    • hypsecretion of thyroid hormone in adult
    • symptoms: anemia, slow speech, swollen facial featurs, puffy, dry skin, drowsiness, mental sluggishness
  32. noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
    • type 2 diabetes
    • develop later in life
    • pancreas produce normal to high level of insulin
    • cells fail to respond
    • can take medication to improve insulin function
  33. Pheochromocytoma
    • benign tumor of adrenal medulla
    • secrets excessive epinephrine
    • symptoms: anxiety, heart palpitations, dyspnea, hypertension, profuse sweating, headache, nausea
  34. Radioactive iodine uptake
    • test of thyroid function
    • measures how much radioactively iodine is removed from bloodstream by thyroid gland
  35. Radioimmunoassay
    test measure levels of hormones in plasma of blood
  36. Tetany
    • Nerve irritability and painful muscle cramps
    • result from hypocalcamia
    • hypoparathyroidism is one cause
  37. Thyroid function test
    measure levels of thyroxine, triiodothyronine, and thyroid stimulating hormone in the bloodstream
  38. Thyroid scan
    • test in which radioactive iodine is administered and localizes in the thyroid gland
    • gland visualized with scanning device
    • able to detect thyroid gland tumors
  39. Thyrotoxicosis
    • result from extreme hypersecretion of thyroid hormones
    • symptoms: rapid heart action, tremors, enlarged thyroid gland, exophthalmos, weight loss
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