Rod and Staff Science 6 Study Guide Part 2

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  1. the earth has seasons because
    it is tilted on its axis
  2. if the year would be shorter, the earth would be less suited for life because...
    the growing season would be too short
  3. the temperate climate is found in most lands between
    the tropic of Cancer and the Arctic circle
  4. the climate of England is different from what you would expect because
    the North Atlantic ocean rotates clockwise and brings England warm water
  5. if the oceans were smaller, all of the folling things would e true except...
    the oxygen in the air would be less
  6. at night, the clouds help keep the ground warm because
    they reflect infared rays back to the earth.
  7. the ocean is a benefit for all the following except
  8. describe the nitrogen cycle.
    air, lightning, plants, food, animals, decay,
  9. the ground gets warm when the sun is directly overhead because
    the rays are spread over less space
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