Praxis II Math Formulas

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  1. Area of a Circle?
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  2. Circle Circumference?
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  3. Triangle Area?
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  4. Triangle Perimeter
    Triangle Perimeter = the sum of all sides
  5. What do the interior angles of a triangle ALWAYS add up to?
  6. Discribe a irregular triangle?
    • Sides: Not the same
    • Angles: Not the same

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  7. escribe a isosceles triangle?
    • Sides: Two sides the same
    • Angles: Two sides the same
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  8. Equilateral Triangle
    • Sides: Same
    • Angles: Same
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  9. What is the pythagorean theorem?
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  10. Rectangle area?
    Rectangle Area = L * H
  11. Rectangle Perimeter?
    Rectangle Perimeter = 2L + 2W
  12. What will the interior angles of a rectangle add up to?
  13. Parallelogram Area?
    • Parallelogram Area = b * h
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  14. Perimeter Parallelogram?
    Perimeter Parallelogram = 2L +2W
  15. Trapezoid Area?
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  16. Volume of a Cone?
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  17. Cone Area?
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  18. Sphere area?
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  19. Sphere Volume?
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  20. Probability is?
    Probability = #of ways / Total possible outcomes
  21. What is the formula for a arithmetic sequence?
    an = a1 + (n – 1)d
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